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12 Foods That Boost Your Calorie Burn

The Levant News — One of the most common problems of people is obesity. It cannot just make you feel bad and uncomfortable, but it can greatly affect your health as you will be exposed to a higher risk of diseases. How can you be healthier and at the same time how can bring you back in shape? Here are the 12 foods that boost your calorie burn.

Who would not love eggs? They are rich in protein and they have the most important amino acids that our body needs. Besides, it is loaded with vitamins and minerals that is why it is considered as the most nutritious food on earth. The nutrients are found in yolks while most proteins are found in whites.

Studies show that people who eats egg every breakfast feels full for a longer time than those who do not. In that case, calorie consumption is reduced which leads to weight lose. It has been repeatedly shown that foods rich in protein lessens appetite throughout the day.

To reduce weight means that we should choose the best food. Best food does not really mean that it should be expensive. Eggs are just cheap at a higher benefit. Also, the well being of every individual must be considered that is why we need to be aware of the food we eat. Eggs also improve cholesterol profile meaning people who consume it will be at low risk of cardiovascular diseases. Such is one of the most common and dangerous killer of the era. Indeed, it is not only nutritious, but a significant weight improvement will be experienced compared to the other.

  1. Cinnamon

There is no other reason to eat bland food when you are attempting to get thinner. This is an incredible time to explore different avenues from distinctive societies. As cinnamon is also a common spice having a great number of benefits, it cannot be denied that it is also great for burning fats in the body.

Cinnamon helps digestion, but it obstructs the ingestion of glucose. It upgrades the activity of insulin in the body in order to clear the sugar in your blood. The neutralization process affects the state of being fat. The discharge of gastric juices become more or less moderate leading the glucose to be balanced by alleviating its travel in the small digestive system.

Higher glucose level can prompt the stockpiling of fat in the body. Because cinnamon aids in the obstruction of glucose in the body, you will be empowered to get in the shape. Not just that, cinnamon is rich in nutrients that the body needs such as iron, fiber, manganese, and calcium. It is also best to be utilized to cure other diseases and illnesses that is why if you want to have a healthier and sexier feeling, try this one of a kind cinnamon.


Pulpy, watery, sweet, and healthy vitamin C such as oranges will help you to keep on working at an ideal level. There is no doubt that this finely-textured citrus fruit is known in all parts of the world as it is not only delicious to eat, but it has numerous health benefits which people need. It beautifies the skin, it regulates cholesterol count, and it controls glucose level and a lot more.

Most notably, it may contain sugar which may possibly turn into fats if the same is not burned. Good thing the calorie count is low which means that fibers help regulate glucose in the blood.

It is shown that fiber supplements improve weight reduction among fat people on the grounds that fiber gives a feeling of fullness. High-fiber foods can help control the bowel movement, lessen blood cholesterol, regulate glucose level, and most importantly, you will not be tempted to eat a lot. As what is always stressed out, burning fats should be done in a healthier and comfortable way.


Eating avocado is an extraordinary thought for slimming. But, for a considerable length of time they were avoided by many calorie counters in view of their fat substance, when everything that had fat in it was insidious.

At last, we came to realize that some other fats does not really make you fat, instead, it will burn your fats down. The way that unsaturated fats we devour in our diet influence whether we add on or get in shape is significantly more intricate than that. The truth of the matter is some dietary fats, similar to those found in avocado, can really help with weight reduction.
A large portion of an avocado contains high amount of fiber in which your body needs to smoothly run your digestive system. In addition and just like other calorie burn food, fiber slows down the disintegration of the carbohydrates. It contains fat that mobilizes the brain called oleic acid in which it makes you feel full a little bit longer.

  1. Apples

We always hear the saying, “An apple a day, drives the doctor away.” But, there is another version of it. Studies show that three apples a day may actually lose your weight. Why? Apples are low in calories and high in fiber. In fact it nearly has no fat and sodium. They also have antioxidants to prevent cellular damage and vitamins and minerals for the body. It does not only give energy for those who want to diet, but it gives satisfaction as it is also nice to eat because it is delicious.
6.Green Tea

In the event that losing weight is truly one of your prime health goals, green tea can help you. Some studies show that substances in green tea might possibly provide several weight-loss-promoting effects, such as speeding up your metabolic rate and reducing your appetite. Although the antioxidant-rich brew will not help you shed pounds by itself, there exists some evidence that taking green tea can support your weight loss efforts.

For the majority of grown-ups, moderately increasing green tea extracts consumption may yield lots of weight reduction benefits without creating negative medical effects. But in order to experience significant weight loss, it is important to combine a balanced and healthy diet with regular exercise which may include a minimum of two and a half hours of moderate-intensity cardiovascular activity and a couple of strength-training sessions each week. If you are considering the use of green tea supplements or any other natural weight loss aid, make sure to consult your physician before even thinking about the treatment method.

Just like any food high in fiber, apples too can give a feeling of fullness. Fiber truly expands in your abdomen and that there is no more space for other foods. When you feel full, you eat fewer calories and that there is also smaller quantity intake. And because apples almost have no sodium, the waters retained in your body are released. Excess water is flushed out of your body helping you to prevent water weight. Also some people who craves for food who does not drink enough water actually lacks water intake. Apples are high-water foods. Therefore, it keeps you hydrated.

  1. Nuts

There are varieties of nuts which can be found around the world. It has been ascertained that consuming nuts consistently has been connected with better weight outcome. Who in the world does not like nuts anyway? It is very common everywhere.

But, you may be enticed to keep away from calorie-rich nuts especially when you are attempting to lose pounds. Do you think it is bad for your diet? Studies had clearly shown which nuts are for weight control. Besides, it has been manifested that assortment of nuts appear to have great advantages. To add, nuts also prevent the higher risk to heart problems, so it is better to add it up to your diet.

People may be worried to eat calorie-rich nuts, since from the word itself, it has been understood that it can gain weight. However, an amazing finding is that including it to your diet does not add weight, instead, vice versa. The breakdown of nuts is not actually complete as the chewing process may affect the absorption of fats from the entire nuts. Nuts are rich in minerals, proteins, healthy fats, fiber, and other vitamins which are the reason why you feel full when you consume it.

  1. Carrots

One of the richest in nutrients foods in the earth are carrots. It is amazingly low in calorie in which it has been proven to be an effective way to lose weight incredibly. Be that as it may, you cannot just use them effectively without knowing why carrots help you to get more fit. Why do you think so?

To get in shape, fiber has been a very crucial substance. And because carrots are inconceivably high in fiber, then it is good for weight loss. Why fiber? It essentially passes through, but it cannot be processed by your body. This, nonetheless, does not prevent your digestive framework from attempting to process it. It conveys more digestive compounds to further try to separate the fiber. This causes the digestive framework to completely digest food in your stomach. The food energy is fully utilized which speeds up your metabolism.

Eating carrots alone can actually burn more calories. The calories and fats are really low that it can be considered as a thermogenic food. Also, it is rich in nutrients that it helps your body work easily and smoothly. The more your body functions properly, the more it burns fats, meaning more weight loss.
9. Watermelon

Getting in shape frequently means that you are feeling denied of eating sweet treats. In any case, the sweet, fresh, juicy, and delicious watermelon as well is loaded with vitamins and minerals. While you cannot eat watermelon solely on your eating diet, fusing watermelon into your weight reduction endeavors is a method that may help you meet your objectives.

Watermelon is a magnificent fruit to add into your diet plan, especially in summer when it is in season, meaning it is more available and fresh. The basic rule of utilizing watermelon for weight reduction should be done with some restraint.
The principal advantage of watermelon to weight reduction is that it is low in calories. It is comprised of around 92% of water and is exceptionally filling. Watermelon likewise contains some vitamins and nutrients, which it could also be considered as a healthy food. It is sweet and delightful, so it can be a wonderful substitution for other fatty snacks or treats.

  1. Tomatoes

It appears that tomatoes are at the focal point of low-calorie living. They commonly give themselves to those who are health conscious, it being sweet, but low in calories. Tomatoes are regularly consumed vegetables not just in the United States but in the world. Besides, we often use it in our menus. In spite of the fact that most people considered it as vegetable, tomatoes are actually included as fruit.

Tomatoes practically have no fat which makes them a good food in case that you are in a diet. It also contains fiber, which is a good indication to lose weight because it speeds up your metabolism. They are likewise a good source of Vitamin C.

The foods you decided to eat when counting calories have any kind of effect in how fruitful you are. Specialist have incorporated that preventing trans fats, saturated fats, refined sugar, and processed food are good for your well-being. Tomatoes are both useful for weight reduction as well as health because aside from the fact that it contains no fats, it has essential nutrients which the body needs.


Now is the right time to include yogurt to your basic food list. According to researches, the dairy item which contains probiotics may help support your weight reduction results. What are probiotics? Probiotics are microorganisms which can be beneficial to your body as it advances a solid gut environment. It likewise impedes the development of microbes which is harmful for your body.

Different studies show that it lowers chronic irritation and cortisol level as well as it enhances insulin sensitivity which are vital players in having belly fats.

Eating yogurt is fun as it is high in protein and low in fats. Besides, it is not expensive, it can be found in malls, and it is generally filling. It comes in various flavors like mango, strawberry, coconut, cherry, blueberry, peach, and many more. It has also numerous sizes which you can choose from. In order to have a rapid result in losing weight, yogurt diet plan should be accompanied with exercise.

  1. Oatmeal

Good old style oatmeal is nourishing could assist you to reduce your weight. Besides, it is much cheaper than other calorie burning food. It can be found anywhere as it is one of the oldest and common foods that people have. Oatmeal is high in fiber and just like other rich in fiber foods, such stays in your intestines for an extended period of time. Therefore, it decreases your cravings. You will not be tempted to eat lots of foods as you feel fuller. Oatmeal conjointly slows the nutrients going into your blood. It is also a good supply of carbohydrates for a weight-loss diet.
One of the reasons why oatmeal could promote weight loss is that it is generally eaten for breakfast. As it was said, breakfast is the most important meal of the day as our body needs energy to move for the whole day activity. Studies also show that people who eats breakfast is likely to lose pounds than those who skip meal. A bowl of hot and creamy oats will begin your day as you start on getting in shape.

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