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ISIS executes father-in-law of extremist Lebanese cleric

The Levant News -- BEIRUT – ISIS has executed the father-in-law of extremist Lebanese cleric Omar Bakri after he traveled to the Syria’s Raqqa to bring his son and two daughters back to his home in Tripoli, according to local media reports.

The execution of Mahmoud Hussein—a 50-year-old resident of Tripoli’s Mankoubin whose children joined ISIS six months ago—was confirmed by an ISIS statement and information residents of the area received from trusted sources, As-Safir reported Friday.

According to As-Safir, the statement which bore a seal reading “Islamic State - Judiciary and Ombudsman Diwan,” said the death sentence had handed down after Hussein, the father of Bakri’s second wife, “insulted the Prophet Mohammad openly.”

“It also transpired that he was had a close relationship with the Turkish consulate and that he also had a relationship with the Lebanese government. He did not deny this and had therefore fallen into apostasy through these relationships. That is why he was sentenced to death,” the purported ISIS statement said.

The Tripoli News Network Facebook group—which closely follows developments in the northern Lebanese city—posted a copy of the statement on Thursday evening.

As-Safir said it had learned from sources that “Hussein left [Lebanon] to bring back his eighteen-year-old son Yahya and his two daughters, who had left for Iraq after someone, probably an ISIS fighter from [Mankoubin], convinced them to go.”

“The execution, in which the method used remains unclear, probably took place in front of Yahya,” the sources said.

“Hussein was the father of the preacher Omar Bakri’s second wife and a resident of Mankoubin born in Bab al-Tabbaneh,” the source added.

“He was not known for being a supporter of [ISIS].”

The Tripoli News Network, meanwhile, reported a more detailed account of the dramatic story, saying that Hussein’s son Yahya convinced his father’s youngest son and his two daughters to join ISIS while tricking their father into believing they were going on a holiday in Turkey.

Hussein then managed to arrange a meeting with his children in Syria but his son had set up an ambush for him.

TNN said that upon their meeting in Raqqa, an argument broke out between Hussein and Yahya, who accused his father of being a “heretic, apostate and an agent of the Lebanese state.”

“ISIS members proceeded to arrest Hussein, interrogate him for two days and then the ruling for his execution was issued.”

“He was brutally executed in front of his son.”

Hussein’s execution comes days after his son-in-law, Omar Bakri, was sentenced to six-years of hard labor by Lebanon’s military judiciary on charges of forming a terror group in the country.

Bakri was caught in the mountain town of Aley in May 2014 after fleeing from Tripoli the month before when Lebanese security forces instituted a security plan to reign in sectarian-based militia fighting in the troubled northern city.

The Lebanese cleric, who was born in Syria, was banned from Britain in 2005 after living in the country for 20 years.

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