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Eve and Company checks out TMTG

“Requesting to come aboard The Moo-La
Captain Trump sir. Aarrrrr.”
Captain Trump smiles.
“ Welcome.
The Oldest Profession
of course,
I mean look, 
we’re a ship.
We stop at ports.
I have been expecting you.”

And in this way
the Message about
declaring demurrage on the US dollar
Trump money with demurrage
spreads around the world.
See the article:
Money Teacher Where You Might Not Expect

And what’s the first thing Eve and Company do? …
They exchange their huge stash,
I mean warehouse-full,
of cash paper US dollars
for the simple looking paper money,
with spaces for demurrage stamps
on the backside
and President Trump’s picture
on the front.
Of course to do this
The Moo-La
pulls into the port of Mar-a-Lago.
And this is an especially big day
because at the dock
waiting on our great ship The Moo-La
is Naruhito
Japanese Emperor.
And a very unique conversation ensues, quite naturally actually.

Exchanged for
unhoardable Trump Money with demurrage
at one for one exchange rate,
we are talking about
huge amounts of cash money here,
money which will NEVER just mysteriously “disappear” ,
enough circulating money
to give this infrastructure
from Miami to Mar-a-Lago
a completely modern totally up-to-date
build out;
the most environmentally considerate,
high-tech, inspiring
trade infrastructure
in history,
with a budget that actually requires
much less money
and accomplishes much more
infrastructure (structures, roads, tunnels, bridges, ships, factories)
than the traditional hoardable money
paper US dollar
could ever come close to doing.
Unhoardable Money with demurrage
Hoardable Money
by far,
much more secure, adaptable, efficient, and especially
STABLE over the long term.
Attention Environmentalists and Humanitarianists who would like to see
free migration happen in a natural way.

The new Florida Japan infrastructure
and its business
will never experience economic recession, and crisis.
Maintenance money and upgrade money
will never be in short supply.
And most important,
all negotiations
regarding unhoardable Trump Money
with demurrage
will have only One Master
and it won’t be The Beast; USURY.
Trump Money with demurrage
makes The Beast
not just

Evil may not ever go away completely,
but when we begin using Trump Money
with demurrage
we will easily be able to handle it.
And it won’t take the army of a Nation
to protect all THIS wealth either.
Why? …
Because using Trump Money
with demurrage
causes the force which tries to do evil
to only achieve good.
But Trump Military and
Trump Law Enforcement
will be the strongest.
All the legitimate relationships
with manufacturers
and trained workers of all kinds
are already in place.

And probably even more important,
the subtle
much more dangerous threats of
The Money Vacuum Agents
and their
Cash Mob Elite bosses
will not have any influence
in all the Regions
doing business
using unhoardable money with demurrage.

The conversation and the creation and
The Legacy
of Trump Money with demurrage
will begin
The Good Revolution;
our way
The Promised Land,
free-ed from the captivity
of “ownership”,
the rent for Land
being used for society,
mainly in support of
and their Children.
Rent for
man-made structures
is a different matter.
And also
freeing the money,
the ransom (interest)
being paid in full,
actually using the same horrible,
fucking paper US dollars
that started it all.
What will the ones who loaned it out
in the first place
do with all that hoardable money?
They can HOLD it all they want now,
it won’t affect us
at all.

from our great ship
The Moo-La
floating gently amidst
The Miracles;
they will be much greater than those of Jesus,
just like He said,
Angel NicGillicuddy

The Real Election Results
will prove the success
of Trump Money with demurrage.
In other words
The People
will prove what succeeds
and what dwindles,
and that includes
The Government
as it is.
It can happen in any country.
Look for our great ship
The Moo-La
coming to your home port soon.

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