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Etihad Credit Insurance part of UAE non-oil strategy

Etihad Credit Insurance, ECI, has set a strategy and growth plan aligned with the UAE economic agenda, setting a target to support $US3 billion in non-oil exports and re-exports.

The announcement came during the recent ECI 2019 Kick-Off Meeting at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel in Dubai. The event highlighted ECI’s goal to support UAE-based companies with over US$1.1 billion in exposure and revolving credit limits in 2019. With this, ECI remains committed to its role of assisting UAE businesses which are aiming to enhance their presence regionally and globally.

The meeting highlighted the strategic partnerships that ECI has formed with key partners from government, Shariah-compliant and conventional trade credit insurance, Export Credit Agencies (ECAs), banking, professional and advisory services, technology as well as financial information services.

Source: WAM

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