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Enhanced Foreign Ownership limits webpage lanched in Dubai

The Dubai Financial Market, DFM, today launched the enhanced Foreign Ownership limits,FOL, webpage, providing market participants with real time FOL info every two minutes during the trading session about the “Actual” and a new column for “Available” ownership limits to own or to trade, beginning Sunday, 17 February 2019.

Maryam Fikri, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Clearing, Settlement and Depository Division,said, “DFM’s mission and vision focus on strengthening its leading position as world-class regional marketplace that provides participants with advanced trading, clearing and settlement services within a fair and transparent business environment in line with international best practices. Accordingly, we constantly explore ways to enhance DFM website services, as the website is the main source of info for investors. We have enhanced and expanded the ownership webpage to provide real time updates of the Actual ownership every two minutes during the trading session. We have also added a new column showing the percentage of limit ‘Available’ to own or allowed to trade for all the ownership categories, providing investors with enhanced levels of transparency.”

Key features of the new FOL webpage: Ownership percentages for the columns of Actual and Available are updated every two minutes during trading hours. The ownership percentages are also updated every one-hour after trading hours if any. business day to reflect changes not associated with trading, if any.

Reclassification of investors’ categories to three nationality types: ‘Nationals’, ‘GCC’ and ‘Foreign’; as such the ‘Arab’ category is now included within the ‘Foreign’ Search by company and date for historical information.

Source: WAM

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