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Pigeons are seen on the wall of the High Court where former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's trial will take place, in Cairo, Egypt, November 5, 2015. Egypt's top court on Thursday postponed the final trial of former Egyptian president Mubarak over the killing of protesters during the 2011 uprising that ended his 30-year rule. REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh - GF20000046670

Egyptian parliament condemns UN human rights report

Rhe human rights committee of Egypt’s House of Representatives, headed by Tarek Radwan, condemned, on Sunday, recent accusations made by the United Nations (UN) special rapporteur for human rights.

The UN rapporteur, Mary Lawlor, had made the accusations on Egypt’s human rights record, describing it as “narrow” and “segmented”.

The committee said that some organisations insist on undermining Egypt’s status through false allegations regarding it human rights file. It also said that the issues raised against Egypt in a systematic and repeated manner are nothing but open practices of political pressure on the part of some international agendas hostile to Egypt.

This comes after Lawlor released a statement accusing Egypt of targeting human rights defenders and bloggers, and accusing them of membership with a terrorist organisation. The rapporteur’s allegations also include accusations related to their committing violations against journalists and their families

The committee commented on circulated reports regarding the Egyptian judiciary detaining prisoners in pre-trial detention. It said that these detentions come in accordance with precise legal grounds according to Egyptian Criminal Law. The detainees have been taken into custody on charges of committing or participating in crimes that violate the order and public morals as outlined by Egyptian law, or that they were involved in cases affecting national security.

The committee also said that misinformation against Egypt occurs, citing terrorist groups, and based on a corrupt logic promoted by some organisations. It added that these organisations chant a repeated message adopted by the symbols of extremism and terrorism.

At the same time, the committee expressed its astonishment at the contradiction perpetuated by organisations, saying that they have never made any comment regarding the killing of civilians, army or police officers and personnel. It noted that these same organisations have also not reported condemnations for damaging and stealing public and private property, burning churches, and bombing places of worship.

It affirmed that Egypt currently pays the greatest attention to its human rights file in its modern history, starting with providing economic and social rights for all citizens. It also includes the signing and ratification of international agreements related to empowering women, youth, children and people with disabilities. In the past few years, this has led to the established practice of political, partisan, and parliamentary work.

The committee said that as a result of the latest developments, Egypt is now witnessing a growing and unprecedented interest in human rights conditions in the country. The advancement of the Egyptian citizen and their basic rights are now taking place in a democratic atmosphere.

It added that Egypt is witnessing the creation of state institutions, which includes a long-standing parliament, and supervisory and legislative bodies to reinforce the rule of law and guarantee public and private freedoms.

The committee concluded with the assurance that all Egyptian state institutions will continue to play their national roles to provide a prosperous environment for the rights of the Egyptian citizen.

Source: Daily News Egypt

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