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DUNE: the money part of the story

The Melange
of The Giant Sand Worms
is money.
It is like a spice
because when new money issues
are mixed with the old
is certainly spiced up;
even encouraged.
But however
being hoardable
as it is today
(and has been for thousands of years)
this money
or melange
can be stolen,
or just mysteriously disappear
from circulation,
having just the opposite effect from
encouraging life on the planet and its inhabitants,
hence the very mean nasty look these creatures; the worms
IT’s not a new metaphor (like the shape shifting Pennywise)
to imply
the “eating up” (killing or destroying) effect
The Dark Forces
have on children.
And of course these giant big fat sand worms
live underground
probably somewhere deep in a cave.
And maybe there has even been created over thousands of years
a majestic city there
deep in the cave;
home to the masters of hoardable money.

The Giant Sand Worms
eat or destroy capital
including the workers
(some say human capital)
in order (an order)
to keep and “maintain” always
the condition of shortage in the market *
so that the victims are pushed into trying
to get a new loan of money
for rebuilding the much needed capital,
like the harbor of Beirut,
or maybe even the 25% required by the IMF.

And where would that loan come from?
Cash paper US dollars.
Who has lots?
The Cash Mob Elite
or President Trump.
I would pick Trump if I were you,
and a loan of US dollars with demurrage,
not more of the trick hoardable money.

Angel NicGillicuddy ?
* “shortage” in terms of distribution not supply,
because it is true
we are amidst plenty.

The Basic Income with demurrage
would serve as
a distribution mechanism
to assure there is accurate order information
for meeting the people’s needs
instead of relying on forecasts, predictions
and guesses.
This will save you a lot of money.

Your loan amount would be much less
using unhoardable US dollars with demurrage
because the money would circulate smoothly
continuously and steady
like it should
for a healthy economy.

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