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Dubai Property Festival planned for 26-28 March

Dubai Property Festival is et to take place on 26th and 28th March at the Dubai World Trade Centre with the anticipated participation of a huge number of international property investors. Dubai Property Festival is an initiative of the Dubai Land Department, DLD, through its investment arm, the Real Estate Investment Management and Promotion Centre.

Dubai real estate sector has made a headway in the first 11 month of 2018 with an impressive influx of foreign investment in Dubai properties. While Emiratis rank first with AED11.5 billion investment, India tops the foreign nationals with investment value of AED10.8 billion. British came next with AED4.3 billion, Pakistanis with AED2.8 billion, and Jordanians with AED1.5 billion, according to the DLD, attributing the volume of transaction made by non-Emirati investors to its active and dynamic efforts.

This year’s Dubai Property Festival will see an impressive roster of international investors, which include chief executive officers, top representatives of various organisations, institutional investors, real estate funds, real estate agents, and other major real estate investors.

Dubai has been implementing business-friendly policies to sustain an excellent investment climate. This include policies which aim to attract higher influx of foreign investment within the parameters of the UAE FDI Law which was signed in the latter part of 2018, as well as policies on business immigration allowing a property investor to secure visa through property purchase. DLD has also been pro-active in ensuring Dubai property investors benefit from a transparent process using technological solutions to record transactions and from DLD’s efficiency in issuing registrations and permits.

This edition of Dubai Property Festival will accommodate top property developers to showcase their attractive projects to local and international investors. It will also help sustain Dubai’s position as the world’s safe haven for property investments.

Source: WAM

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