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Dubai Maritime City Authority promotes safety, efficiency

The Dubai Maritime City Authority, DMCA, discussed the importance of promoting safety and operational efficiency at the Maritime Advisory Committee meeting, which was attended by maritime stakeholders from both the public and private sectors.

The meeting included discussions on how to provide support in the ongoing efforts to maintain the highest global maritime safety standards in Dubai’s territorial waters, while also placing strong focus on the move to enhance readiness and responsiveness of newer maritime facilities. It also covered the latest mechanisms that support efforts aimed at raising the level of maritime safety in Dubai’s territorial waters, as well as highlighting the importance of providing marine consultancy services to encourage all types of offshore facilities in adopting best practices.

Also discussed at the meeting were ways to connect businesses related to running ports with vital maritime sectors to serve the growth, development and sustainability of marine cluster components.

Captain Khamis Weld Ghumail, Director of Maritime Traffic Management at the DMCA, emphasised the importance of the meeting, as it serves as a platform for strengthening coordination and cooperation between the government and private sectors.

He also reaffirmed the DMCA’s commitment towards ensuring that maritime operations are managed in accordance with the highest standards of professional safety and global best practices.

Ghumail also expressed the DMCA’s support for the Maritime Advisory Committee in its efforts to review and update search and rescue procedures in local territorial waters, which is part of the move to consolidate Dubai’s leading position as one of the best maritime capitals in the world.

“The meeting of the Maritime Advisory Committee enabled us to identify important preparations for the maritime facilities, while reviewing and adopting the tasks of the Maritime Safety Committee,” he noted.

“These meetings represent part of our continuing efforts to ensure the highest levels of maritime safety, based on solid foundations of innovation, technology and efficiency under the supervision of qualified human personnel, all directed towards achieving an integrated marine sector that is renewable, sustainable and has the ability to drive economic diversification in the UAE,” he added.

Source: WAM

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