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Dubai free zone says to set up MENA’s largest entrepreneur hub

THE LEVANT – Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) on Saturday announced plans to set up the Dubai Technology Entrepreneurship Centre, the largest entrepreneurship centre in the MENA region.

Set to be launched in Q1 2015, DTEC will encompass over 3,600 square metres in Dubai Silicon Oasis, the free zone technology park, a statement said.

It added that the centre will provide high-tech entrepreneurs and start-ups with a “highly motivating and efficient work environment that supports entrepreneurial activities and boosts the creativity of talented technology enthusiasts”.

William Chappell, chief financial officer at DSOA, said: “We continuously make all the efforts to introduce innovations that enable entrepreneurs to take their ideas to the next level, and DTEC is a positive step in that direction.

“We are confident that the launch of DTEC will prove beneficial to the economy as a whole through integrating local and regional talent into the country’s workforce and supporting individuals and teams in turning their ideas into reality. With the full support of DSOA, DTEC will become the largest entrepreneurship centre in the MENA region.”

DTEC will build on the success of DSOA ‘s current technology incubation centre Silicon Oasis Founders which was launched in 2012 to promote local entrepreneurial talent in the IT sector.

It has so far supported more than 200 entrepreneurs with their business plans, invested financially in four businesses, and in the process of investing in two additional companies.

Chappell added: “Through our incubator, we have gained significant insights and experience into entrepreneurial requirements and are able to support successful ventures that can evolve into self-sustaining organisations within Dubai and the UAE and in turn provide employment opportunities to both nationals and residents of the UAE.”

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, a 100 percentt owned entity by the Government of Dubai is a free zone spanning a total of 7.2 square kilometres.

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