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Dubai deports Eastern European women over nude photoshoot

Following a photoshoot that breached UAE law, Dubai will deport a group of people involved, reported The National.

The footage, which was shared on Twitter, showed a large group of nude women posing on the balcony of an apartment in Dubai Marina.

Several neighbors captured videos and images of the photoshoot, which are now circulating on social media.

The photoshoot took place in broad daylight in full view of onlookers. While Dubai is a top destination for supermodels and influencers, who often visit to photograph at its glamorous locations, the nature of this photoshoot is perhaps the first of its kind.

The virality of the shoot on social media caught the eye of many, including the Dubai Police, who issued a statement on April 3 saying that a criminal case was registered against the arrested parties and that they have been referred to public prosecution for further legal action.

On April 6, His Excellency Essam Issa Al-Humaidan, attorney general of the Emirate of Dubai, said that the public prosecution office had completed investigations and that those involved would be deported.

The group of mainly Eastern European men and women was charged with public indecency and storing images of a pornographic nature.

The male cameraman behind the shoot, who is being held by the police, was identified as a Russian citizen by Russia’s consulate. However, although consular officials said some of the detained women spoke Russian, they were not citizens of the Russian Federation.

Other media sources have reported that 11 of the detained women were Ukrainian.


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