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Dream about July 4

It is late afternoon.
As she is napping
high up in the crow’s nest
of The Great Ship
The Moo-La,
Angel has a dream:
She is presenting
to her little group of friends.

“We are so pleased
to have Barron
in our story now.
With us,
he will assure that when we grow up
to the age of living on our own
everything will be stable economically
and we will be living
in a state
of continuous sustainable refinement,
intellectually and productively,
free of the petty emotionally
fear driven
obstruction, interference, interruption
and distortion
caused by the trick
form of money
hidden in massive amounts,
operating in
The Dark Realms
is used as a secret leverage mechanism
to manipulate market conditions
and every movement in fact,
even energetic exchange
around the world.

It doesn’t really matter
who is doing it we are all guilty
but forgiven
for our “not knowing”
by our simply being caught
in the web of the trick
hoardable money

What is important
is that the magic money token*
is purified of its defect;
by declaring demurrage
on The US dollar.
* These days
the magic money token
exists as the US paper dollar.

As Barron grows up
in this experience
of the truly wise and courageous leadership
of his Dad
he will be aware
and see clearly,
along with the rest of us who are enlightened by the study of unhoardable money,
and be able to make intelligent
fair decisions
regarding what to do with money.

The Beast
will become subservient to us
and we will be able to manage any
forces of darkness
which do start to manifest.
Evil may not ever go away completely
but when we begin using money with demurrage
(The US dollar for starters)
we will easily be able to manage it.

Preparations and plans began many years ago long before President Trump went into office.
Probably you never heard a word about
in the very protective
mainstream media
which even then
had engulfed
most every channel
on the air.
Any reporting on the plan or this group of business leaders
( I will call them The Demurrage Gang )
would have been way too revealing about
how money functions,
given that all that was being planned
by this group
was with the full knowledge and understanding
of unhoardable money
as a comparison background
to the otherwise
of the traditional
hoardable money.
And there was even more
which would have been exposed by way of
The Natural Economic Order
as a The Guiding Star.
The Great Ship The Moo-La
has been sailing for years
by way of this one star.
And at this time, in fact,
it is right on course.
And right behind The Moo-La
sails The Great Ship USA.

Barron is watching closely
all that is happening.
It will be intuitive to him and his friends
by the time they begin thinking about financing their dreams.
This transformation
of the thought process around money
will lead to the transformation
of everything that money touches;
Unhoardable Money with demurrage.”

She begins to awaken
as a drop of sweat,
like dew on a poppy flower,
drips from her eyebrow.

And so begins
book 4
“Downloading The Message”

Angel NicGillicuddy

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