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By Russell Morris


The new Nationalist trend
is hitting the Globalists
which is the oldest industry of all
and the most powerful of all
for The Cash Mob Elite,
is sinking.
The hole in their boat (interest)
has been there for a long time.
Columbus had a hole
in the boat sailed.
Lucky for him
(I mean his financiers)
Columbus brought gold back,
which at that time was money, literally.
And so
The Cash Mob Elite
were able to expand
their shipping industry.
So much gold; money
was found
that in fact
every industry expand.
Even to the point that it looked like
would level off in America;
prices would stabilize
and industry could refine and improve its methods
to become sustainable
(hello environmentalists).
The Founders of The United States
of America
saw this
and understood;
The loans could be paid off
easily (exporting)
with all of this money available
to support the miraculous ability of our teamwork; working together; division of labor; industry.
And this way
The USA would be sovereign.
It would not take long.
The Globalists;
The Cash Mob Elite
would lose their grip.

And so
over a period of YEARS
The Cash Mob Elite
used their news “medium”
like a scary ghost
to instigate a war
and break up the WORKERS UNION  in America.
(and the other countries too)
The gold from America (California)
got loaned
OUT of the country
and used for destruction
to bring the BOOM
to a premature end
before it could level off
and allow for sustainability.
(environmentalists and
humanitarians !)

Thanks to the focus and courage
of President Trump
and his friends
The Demurrage Gang,
is once again leading to a sovereign America
and this will lead the way for all the other nations
to follow or collaborate
and join forces,
to break the chains
of The Cash Mob Elite

The Vikings
and they’re shipping empire
have met
But this time
the clown
won’t be able to
“eat up all the children”
by hoarding the money
and going on a rampage
instigating and funding
with incredibly heavy loans
to all sides
of the conflict(s)
stirs up.
And we will be left
with a clown
who is just a normal clown
laughing and making all the kids happy.
coming soon. Peace.
(look at the original poster,
not the replacement)

Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy
HELOOOO from The Beast.
He’s with me.
And thank you Saudi Arabia
and Ivanka and her Team
and all
The Demurrage Gang.

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