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Downloading the message

and Angel NicGillicuddy
have something else in common
besides enlightening the people about the
consequences of using
the hoardable form of money
and the manipulation and Usury
which it inspires.
They also both try to help the prostitutes
in the very confusing predicament
which the consequence of using
hoardable money
put them in.
The consequence of human slave trafficking.

Angel makes a visit (is called)
to share about
The Natural Economic Order
at an unsuspecting place.
She is picked up by
The Big Black Barracuda
(remember? The vehicle which can’t be seen
at night *)
and taken to a site
where she will be giving a presentation.
It is a long dark quiet ride
which eventually takes them into a tunnel.
A very long tunnel.
Very dark.
Eventually the tunnel opens up
and they arrive at a very mysterious and majestic and magical city;
a little like Rome
at the height of its debauchery.

* see the Levant article “Preliminary Meeting and The Settlement part 2”

They drive along some streets
with unusual lighting,
mostly it’s still pretty dark otherwise,
narrow streets,
and then park in front of a very old Gothic looking building which could’ve been some kind of giant government building
or university building
or a bank.
Anyway it was very strong and heavy looking.
Angel walks up the marble steps
and into the back door
This was not the front door.
That looks completely different.
You will see it later.
Following the instructions which The Beast
handed her as she got out of The Big Black Barracuda
she makes her way down the empty hallway till she arrives at a classroom 777.
She walks in the door which opens onto a small stage at the front of an amphitheater of seats only about half full of students who had all moved close as possible towards the stage
and who were all very provocatively dressed
and very sexy looking.
They weren’t wearing much.
Angel stands on the stage in the subdued spotlight
wearing her kilt
NOT in a sleazy way,
but that’s mostly in the mind of the observer anyway.
Angel does have blue hair.
She’s very innocent looking really
but very powerful somehow,
in a way which is not so much about the body nor the mind either.
An alluring presence which makes one naturally more and more curious.
Her class consists of prostitutes
in a state of Tantric laser focus.
They were taught this skill
in another different class
before Angel appeared at the school.
She dims the light a bit more,
lights a candle
and begins reading her book;
And enlightning her class about
hoardable money and unhoardable money
and money demurrage,
And the possibilities of President Trump declaring
on The US dollar.

After class is over everyone feels really fresh
and ready to go back to work,
with one important difference.
Now they will be talking messages in each other’s ear,
for all to hear,
about “how money functions”
and about President Trump declaring
demurrage on The US dollar
while making their videos
and films.

to be continued…

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