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Doctors were getting ready to cut open a body for an autopsy. Then they heard snoring

It was almost time for the autopsy.

Doctors at the Institute of Legal Medicine in Oviedo, Spain, took a body from the cold room and set it on the autopsy table on Sunday, according to Il Mattino. The body lay there, already marked to be opened with a scalpel, when doctors heard something odd.

The body was snoring.

It turns out that the “dead” body was not anything of the sort — Gonzalo Montoya Jiménez, an inmate in a Spanish jail for an unspecified crime, was alive after all, BBC reported.

According to El Espanol, prison officials found Jiménez sitting unresponsive on a chair in his cell. There was no sign of violence and the 29-year-old did not have a pulse, doctors said.

Three doctors who examined the body believed that Jiménez was dead, with the third ordering that the prisoner be moved to a hospital for an autopsy to determine his cause of death, Telecinco wrote.

So he was placed in a body bag and sent to the Institute of Legal Medicine. There the man spent some time in the cold room and on the autopsy table, just hours before doctors were set to cut him open for examination, according to Il Mattino.

But after Jiménez started to snore and move, doctors opened his body bag and made the jarring discovery that they almost performed an autopsy on someone who is still living. They sent him to another hospital in an ambulance, El Espanol wrote.

Jiménez was placed in intensive care, BBC reported. While it is still unknown how he was mistakenly classified as dead, one idea is that he had suffered from “catalepsy,” or when someone’s body grows rigid and their vital signs are so slow that they can be hard to notice.

A spokesman from the Spanish Prison Service told The Daily Mail in a statement that there is still a lot of uncertainty as they continue to investigate what happened in the case.

“I can’t comment on what happened at the Institute of Legal Medicine,” the statement read, “but three doctors have seen clinical signs of death so it’s still not clear at the moment exactly why this occurred.”

Source: The Modesto Bee

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