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"Jaysh Al-Islam" fighters seek to control Adra Prison

The Levant News Daily Report on Syrian Developments: “Jaysh Al-Islam” Launches an Offensive on Adra Prison

Opposition Militias launch missiles on Damascus
Opposition Militias launch missiles on Damascus

THE LEVANT NEWS EXCLUSIVE — Damascus – By Rim Al-Samman – Translated by Mirvat Sibaii — Clashes continued for the third consecutive day between the Syrian army from one side and the fighters of “Jaysh al-Islam” from the other side at the vicinity of Tal Kurdi in Damascus province. This comes after the fighters initiated last Wednesday a battle to establish control over the central prison in order to liberate number of imprisoned women.
Opposition sources spoke about the control of “Jaysh al-Islam” in cooperation with other factions over the entire region of Tal Kurdi including two factories in Adra amid fierce clashes with elements of the Syrian Army who were defending the barrack of “Adra Prison”
This coincided with another attack waged from several axes by militant factions on checkpoints and fortifications of the Syrian Army at the vicinity of Duma city in eastern Ghouta, amid counterattack by the Syrian forces supported by artillery targeting the groups of fighters in the towns of Duma, Harasta, Darayya and Basatine al-Kuswa, causing dozens of them to be killed or injured.

As the sandstorm continues, the airstrikes were almost deactivated, except a raid that was conducted on positions of “Jaish al-Islam” resulting in enormous human and material loss.
Meanwhile, sporadic clashes erupted in the al-Wafidin and in the suburb of Harasta amid news on the displacement of number of al-Daheya due to the fierce battles.
Moving to Zabadani, it was reported that “al-Nusra Front” and “Sham Liberation Army” together with other Islamic factions waged fierce attack on the vicinity of Bludan village near Zabadan, affirming that they established control over two checkpoints for the Syrian Army and Hezbollah.
Opposition military source said that 29 elements of the Syrian Army were killed during the clashes that erupted at the eastern mountain of the city where the Islamic factions gained control over certain checkpoints. The same source pointed out that fierce artillery attack was conducted by the Syrian Army in the early morning on positions of the militant factions in quarters of Zabadani, resulting in the death of dozens of the fighters from “al-Nusra Front” and the “Movement of the Islamic Sham Liberation”.

"Jaysh Al-Islam" fighters seek to control Adra Prison
“Jaysh Al-Islam” fighters seek to control Adra Prison

In parallel, the south of Damascus witnessed demonstrations organized by the “Gathering of the spring’s Revolution” in solidarity with Damascus’ quarter of al-Qadam. About 100 persons from civilians and army attended the demonstration which condemned the crimes committed by ISIS and the latter’s attempts to storm Damascus southern quarter of al-Qadam.
This coincided with targeting different quarters of Damascus with missile attacks against the vicinity of Omayyad Mosque and other quarters in Damascus, causing injuries to civilians in addition to material loss.
In Idlib countryside, field sources reported an explosion of a booby-trapped car resulted in the death of one person and injuries of dozens
In another note, the Syrian Air Force has targeted position of “Jaish Fatah”, while units of the Syrian army attacked position of fighters with land missile, causing human loss and casualties.

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