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Despair Augmentes in Gaza as Humanitarian Situation Worsens

The Levant News exclusive – by Jasmin Rasheed — Reports by local Palestinian sources revealed distressing information about the infrastructure, medicine, and the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. While in 2000, Gazans were able to drink tap water freely, now 95% of the Gaza Strip wells contain brackish water and are no longer suitable for drinking. This damage was caused by the destruction of the Gaza Strip infrastructure in attacks of the occupation forces throughout the years.
Malnutrition is a major problem in the Gaza Strip, with 13% of the population suffering from chronic malnutrition and 3% affected by acute malnutrition. Palestinian sources said that the Gaza Strip population is not starving owing to the efforts of food banks, mainly those run by international organizations.
Furthermore, the development of the health infrastructure in the Gaza Strip is lacking due to a significant shortage of resources, such as a 40% deficit in the necessary medicines and equipment. The occupation forces restrict the transfer of some medical equipment, branding it “dual-use”, and make it difficult to fix broken or faulty equipment. For instance, Al Quds Hospital has been waiting for over a year for elevators to be installed. Until this is done, the hospital cannot transfer patients in beds or wheelchairs between wards on different floors.
The current situation has caused frustration among Gazans, which in turn leads to negative social behaviors and a rise in suicide rates. The young generation of Gazans is driven into despair by the siege, high unemployment rates, and the ongoing experience of poverty and devastation.

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