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Depopulation and Decarbonization

THE LEVANT EXCLUSIVE- By Kevin Galalae  – The mantra of the international community since the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio has been to “stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic (man-made) interference with the climate system.”

At the Copenhagen Climate Summit in 2009 political consensus was reached to keep global warming below 2 centigrade Celsius (3.6 °F) to avoid disastrous climate change consequences.  1.5 centigrade Celsius would have been a much safer target according to scientists, but the political will and finances for such a drastic reduction of greenhouse gases was simply not there.

The number crunchers have calculated that to have a likely chance of staying within the 2.0° C limit the atmospheric greenhouse gases must be stabilized between 430 and 480 ppm of CO2 equivalent by 2050.  Considering that by 2050 there will be 9.5 billion people on earth the global average per capita emissions will need to be 65% lower than it is today, which requires all countries to converge to 1.6 tons of CO2 emissions per person per year by 2050.   This process of reduction of our dependence on fossil fuels is called decarbonization and affects every sector of society including transportation, agriculture, industry and energy since they all depend on fossil fuels.

Just to put things in perspective, in 2005 every American citizen put out 24 tons of CO2 per year, every Russian 14, every German 12, every Japanese 11, and every Qatari 56.  Only sub-Saharan Africa was close to the target at 2.3 tons per person as of 2000.  With a few notable exceptions, the numbers have only gotten worse since then because the developing world is rapidly industrializing.

When all is said and done, and the most fanciful renewable energy plans and optimistic projections were considered, one could only conclude that it is impossible for developed countries to decarbonize so deeply and so quickly without also drastically reducing the population and that it is equally impossible for developing countries to reach standards of living that are even remotely similar to those of the western world without fully deploying renewable energy sources which are too expensive and therefore out of their reach.

So while policy makers and scientists continue to meet and discuss progress or lack thereof in open international summits, since the greenhouse gas emissions have not decreased but increased and have already passed 400 ppm, a covert plan was initiated in 1995 by the military-industrial complex with the full knowledge and approval of the political class, which continues to play dumb to this day but is fully in the loop and in control.

This covert military plan has deployed chemtrails to simultaneously decarbonize and depopulate the developed world, and GMOs to depopulate the developing world under the pretext of feeding it.  Both efforts are aided and complemented by vaccines that in the developed world are adulterated to shorten life and in the developing world are adulterated to cause sterility or subfertility.

For the sake of efficiency and cost effectiveness, as well as to be able to morally defend and justify their actions, each method has multiple purposes, both positive and negative.

Chemtrails, long denied but finally admitted by the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), are used to reduce greenhouse gasses already in the atmosphere by serving as a carbon capture and sequestration method and as a solar radiation management method.  They accomplish the former with sulphate aerosols that chemically bind the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into a mineral carbonate that falls to the ground, and the latter by increasing the planet’s albedo (reflectivity) with albedo-enhancing particles such as aerosolized aluminum that form temporary clouds and divert solar radiation back into space.

The second and never stated purpose of chemtrails is to increase the presence of aluminum and other toxic metals in human environments so they are ingested in unnaturally high quantities to cause neurodegenerative illnesses and shorten the lifespan of the baby boom generation at a time when the developed world has reached the fourth and last stage of the demographic transition as a result of six decades of covert interference with human reproduction via covert chemical methods (fluoride, bisphenol A and other endocrine disruptors), which has resulted in inverted population pyramids and thus economically unsustainable population profiles characterized by more old than young people and too few working adults to be able to support the dependent population.  As a bonus the aluminum sprayed by plane over our heads also binds with fluoride in water forming aluminum fluoride which is a far better sterilizer than just fluoride therefore reducing the need to add fluoride to drinking water.  Third, aluminum poisons the soil and makes it inhospitable to traditional or heirloom seeds thus forcing farmers to buy aluminum-resistant genetically modified seeds that are the latest weapon in the sterilizing arsenal of the depopulation lobby.

While I dispute neither the need to decarbonize nor the need to depopulate, I can find no possible excuse for state-sponsored mass murder and even less so for the globally engineered degeneration of the human species.  Depopulation can and must be accomplished by law, as China does since 1978 through its one-child policy, and not by covert genocide, as the West does since 1945 through chemical and biological warfare directed at civilians.

At the same time, to maintain that the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere has not increased by circa 30% due to human activities and that the two hundred billion metric tons of greenhouse gases that have accumulated in the atmosphere since the industrial revolution have not raised concentrations by more than 100 ppm above the normal with dire and growing effects on the environment is a form of destructive denial that is reckless and unacceptable because it stalls any and all efforts to bring the population control effort out of the dark and enable a change from covert and immoral to overt and ethical depopulation measures.

This self-serving denial is the West’s mode of deflecting responsibility for the current state of the world.  For it is the developed world, the world’s richest 800 million people who must account for 80% of the cumulative emissions of greenhouse gases since 1751 while the poorest 800 million have contributed less than 1% of this cumulative filth.  And the filth that we have pumped into the atmosphere to support our technologically advanced and environmentally unsustainable lifestyles is there to stay for thousands of years and therefore condemn future generations to life on an angry planet, a planet that may become so angry that agriculture will become impossible and therefore civilization will die.

Equally destructive and counterproductive is denying that a 10 billion strong human population is unsustainable at any living standard let alone a western one and at any time let alone by 2050.  As 90% of the population growth since 1950 has occurred in the developing world, this is a sin that people of the developing world must take responsibility for and understand that their failure to act early to curb population growth has led to their own impoverishment and desperation, which is why they are all begging the West for handouts.

Were the citizens of the developing world to consume as much energy per capita as the citizens of the developed world, energy production would have to increase tenfold and irrespective how this energy is generated the planet could not possibly provide us with such colossal energy supplies without devastating environmental consequences and without the displacement and eventual extinction of just about every other specie on earth.  And since we already use 50% of the world’s entire landmass for agriculture and fertilize the hell out of every acre of land to get as much yield as possible – and in the process have degraded the soils, poisoned the aquifers and killed the coastal waters, and two billion of the current seven billion people on earth are still starving or malnourished – how are we to feed ten billion by 2050 and preserve the environment?  Obviously no such feat is possible and anyone who maintains otherwise is projecting his phantasies on a brutal and undeniable reality, namely that the earth cannot sustain the existing seven billion let alone ten billion people.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were invented to address the world’s growing need for food and the obverse side of this, namely the need to reduce the number of mouths to feed.  GMOs sterilize and still hunger at the same time.  Unlike the developed world, which has a well-developed infrastructure and the affluence necessary to sterilize the population through fluoridated water, fluoridated salt, fluoridated milk, and fluoridated dental and cosmetic products, the developing world possesses neither the water treatment plants, nor the silicofluorides or the money necessary to chronically poison the human environment with endocrine disruptors so as to achieve and maintain optimal levels of sterilizers in the basic elements of life – water, food, beverages, and consumer goods – decade after decade and thus gradually bring the total fertility rate of the population to replacement level fertility, thus to two children per woman, which is exactly what has been accomplished throughout the western world where total fertility rates are in fact below replacement level in all western nations.

GMOs not only transfer the cost of sterilizing the population from the state to the consumer, they also enable accelerated programs of depopulation by making farmers seed-dependent on genocidal corporations, which can increase the price of their proprietary seeds and pesticides to push farmers off the land and drive food prices up or can sell seeds that are sensitive to drought and cause food shortages that lead to the starvation of select or unwieldy populations.

While GMOs are touted as the solution to the world’s food problems and as a means to enhance the vitamin intake of poor people and to reduce the need for pesticides and fertilizers, all of which are marginal or nonexistent benefits, they also serve as effective tools of sterilization and depopulation in poor countries where governments cannot afford to pay for population control and at a time when western donors are no longer willing or capable to fund family planning programs in the developing world that are costly and do not work.

Vaccines complete this dismal arsenal of death.  Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia are so far behind in all socio-economic indicators that only sterilization by vaccination can halt population growth fast enough to allow the international community to build capacity.  As with chemtrails and GMOs, vaccines too have a bright and a dark side.  The bright side is that they improve child and maternal health, reduce child and maternal mortality, and extend life.  The dark side is that they render recipients temporarily or even permanently sterile.  The sterilizing vaccines are always those administered to children 12 years of age and older and to adults, especially women in their childbearing age, which is why tetanus toxoid vaccines and meningococcal vaccines are ideal candidates for the Global Depopulation Policy.

In the developed world, adulterated vaccines designed to weaken the immune system serve the depopulation effort by targeting the old and civil servants, which is why annual flu vaccines are routinely administered to the old and forcibly administered, in some western countries, to civil servants.  The old pose a burden on the national budgets in western countries where families are no longer extended but nuclear and the burden of caring for the old falls not on their children but on the state, which must provide and fund old age care centers.   Secondly, all western countries have reached the fourth and last stage of the demographic transition and the ratio of workers to retirees is too low at three workers for one pensioner to be economically viable.  The state hurries the death of the old by pumping them full of toxins under the pretext of flu immunization.

Public servants are targeted because the state needs them to die as soon as or even before they reach retirement age and in this fashion the state no longer has to meet its social entitlements and be saddled with pensions and high medical costs.  All western nations have pension plans and public health systems that are desperately underfunded or even insolvent and to avoid defaulting on their debt payments governments throughout the western world have chosen to begin weakening the immune systems of their civil servants early on for the sake of financial expediency.

Manipulation of the monetary system and grotesque concentrations of wealth in ever fewer hands allow governments to practice fiscal discipline so they can justify the destruction of the social nets that allow for the proper care of the old.  The rational being that if not now than when? When the population has reached 14 billion by 2050 or 28 billion by 2080?

National and global governance entities have built a system whose pillar is genocide because the world’s economic, environmental and demographic problems have become so dire as to demand mass murder.  That is the brutal reality we must all face if we are to restructure our society away from the evil greed of capitalism and the obsolete values of organized religion before they spell our end because they enable and protect genocide.

Unless the world embraces a new ethic such as the OM Principles and builds the institutional and political infrastructure necessary to reorganize human civilization according to the OM Principles we will end up killing each other and taking the earth down with us in less than fifty years.

We have entered the age of the Anthropocene and have become a global geophysical force that is completely out of sync with the earth’s biotopes and a mortal enemy of our own life support system.

In light of this planetary emergency we can no longer tolerate any politician in power who refuses to tackle this problem openly and full on rather than fiddle with it in dark corners away from public scrutiny so as to preserve the power base of their political parties and social class.  Such petty and self-serving cowards have no place in positions of leadership and to date every head of state without exception falls into this category.  The world needs leaders who will pound the reality into the obtrusive heads of the masses and who will marshal every man, woman and child into a brave new world for there can be no sustainability without drastic depopulation and deep decarbonization.

Our inability to agree on the need to change course and our political compromises and cultural sensitivities are of no interest to mother earth.  She will unleash her fury on us with extreme weather events of increasing frequency and violence as we damage her further and further and she can no longer fix the wounds we inflict on her.  She will mend her wounds with our children’s dead bodies.

We have outlived her welcome and have become a parasite on her once pristine body.

This is the time to submit to nature’s laws and order.  This is the time to face the truth.

It is now or never.



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