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How To Delete Duplicate Photos On Your Computer

By Arina Michel --

How To Delete Duplicate Photos On Your Computer


We all have been in the situation, where we see all the identical and similar duplicate on the screen and not able to decide which one is original one with top-notch quality. Keeping too many replica files on your machine leaves negative impact such as slow speed, low-disk alerts and unmanaged photos collection. You can boost productivity and performance by eliminating duplicate content from your computer. However, not everyone has time to delete duplicates manually. if you are one of them, then you can rely on third-party tools.


In this post, we are going to talk about how to delete duplicate on your computer.


Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is the fastest, smoothest and safest way to find and remove duplicate photos with ease. The software is designed by a Software company  with the motive to provide replica free machine. You can set your own matching level and get your hands on more duplicate photos. Let’s check out its features now:


  • Effective for finding and eliminating replica content.
  • Detect and locate identical duplicates.
  • Suitable for scanning internal and external drives.
  • It supports auto-mark feature to delete multiple replica photos at the same time.

Get it here

Duplicate File Eraser


As the name shows, Duplicate File Eraser is an incredible photo management software that manages your whole photos collection. Apart from managing duplication of duplicate files, it is effective to improve the performance of your computer. It is available on Mac, iOS, Android and Windows in 32 Bit and 64 Bit versions. Let’s check out its features now:


  • It is extremely easy to work with.
  • Provides organized and clean photos collection.
  • Increases productivity and performance of your machine.
  • It is available in different languages such as English, Italian, German, Bulgarian, etc.

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Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder


Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is one of the best duplicate cleaner software which not only deletes the exact and similar copies of duplicate photos but also enhances the speed of your computer. It is a handy tool to get a clean and well-managed photo. Let’s check out its features now:


  • Works great to recover hard-disk space.
  • Allows you to compare resized image or edited photos.
  • Reliable software to locate and delete of replica files.
  • Suitable for removable devices and network drives.

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Gemini 2


Gemini 2 is an amazing duplicate finder and remover tool which finds and deletes duplicate image, songs, video and document. You can also find duplicate files and folder by working with Gemini 2. The tool can scan your entire disk speed-of-light fast, without checking the stored content size. Let’s check out its features now:


  • It spots and shreds similar looking duplicate files.
  • Increases the speed of your machine.
  • Cleans up your whole computer.
  • It keeps the high-resolution photos and deletes the duplicate copy of it.

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Duplicate File Detective


Duplicate File Detective is a sophisticated duplicate finder software that comes handy for deleting duplicate photos on Mac. Beside regaining the memory space, it is a great tool to clean up from the computer by removing, moving and archiving, or replica content.  Let’s check out its features now:


  • Manages zip duplicate files.
  • Capable of eliminating empty folders.
  • It supports search filtering to locate the files easily and fast.
  • Supports files formats like PDF, XML, TXT, HTML, CSV, and Excel file to export duplicate files.

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Duplicate Photo Cleaner


Last but not least, Duplicate Photo Cleaner is another one of the best duplicate finder and remover tools that is effective to get a tidy and neat photos library. Apart from getting peace of mind, you can find the accurate number of duplicates available on your computer and delete them flawlessly. Let’s check out its features now:

  • Detect, move and delete files with a tap on the finger.
  • It supports almost all the formats such as BAY, TGA, NEF, ICO, TIFF, GIF, JP2, MRW, and WMP.
  • Provides quick and accurate results.
  • Provides a preview of photos before elimination duplicates.

Get it here

So, there are some of the best duplicate cleaner tools to find and eliminate duplicate photos, songs, videos, documents and folders. Download and install the one that impresses you the most and share your comments in the below box.


Written by Arthur Blok

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