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Libyan delegation in Lebanon to discuss Gadhafi case: report

THE LEVANT NEWS --BEIRUT: A judicial Libyan delegation will arrive in Beirut Friday to discuss the case of the son of former Libyan leader Moammer Gadhafi with Lebanon's Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi, Al-AKhbar newspaper reported.

Judicial sources told the local daily that the delegation is expected to request for the Lebanese state to release Hannibal Gadhafi, who was abducted by an armed group in Damascus and handed over to Lebanon’s Information Branch earlier this month, on claims that an Interpol arrest warrant against him had been discarded after a request by Libya in March.

Hannibal and his siblings are wanted by Interpol for crimes committed by their father’s regime.

An arrest warrant was issued by Investigative Judge Zaher Hamadeh against Hannibal on charges of hiding information in the case of disappeared Shiite Imam Musa Sadr in 1978.

The warrant was issued after Hamadeh finished questioning Hannibal Ghadhafi at Beirut’s Justice Palace as a key witness in the case over the disappearance of Amal Movement founder Sadr and his two companions 37 years ago.

Another arrest warrant was distributed Monday against former MP Hasan Yaacoub and three others over involvement in the recent kidnapping. This came after Mount Lebanon investigative judge Peter Jermanous questioned Yaacoub and his three bodyguards – Zein Ali Kassem, Salim Mohammad Mahmoud and Wissam Ali al-Mousawi – at the Baabda Justice Palace.

All four suspects were charged with abducting the son of the deposed Libyan leader, physically and psychologically torturing him, and failing to inform the appropriate authorities of his capture.

Although Yaacoub has denied any role in the abduction, reports say that the ring that kidnapped Gadhafi in Syria’s capital handed him over to Yaacoub. He then transported Gadhafi in his private vehicle to the northern Bekaa Valley.

Al-Akhbar reported that Hannibal is still in the custody of Internal Security Forces' Information Branch, while Yaacoub has been transferred to the notorious Roumieh prison.

It revealed that judge Jermanous questioned Fatima Assad Thursday, who allegedly prepared the meeting between Yaacoub and Hannibal before his abduction. He also demanded to listen to the testimony of a female Lebanese witness, residing abroad, who reportedly introduced Assad to Hannibal's sister Aisha Gadhafi.

The family of the ex-MP Thursday vowed to continue protesting his arrest over the abduction case, adding that details about the case will be revealed Monday.

Yaacoub’s father and journalist Abbas Badreddine were accompanying Sadr when the three disappeared during an official visit to Libya in 1978.

Former Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi was widely blamed for the trio’s disappearance. Last week Gadhafi's son was charged with concealing information about the case, despite the fact that he was an infant at the time.

Security sources told The Daily Star that the state grew suspicious of Yaacoub’s involvement in the kidnapping after officials intercepted calls from his mobile phone to the group that abducted Gadhafi in Damascus.

SOURCE: The Daily Star

Written by The Levant