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Definitely a plan (part I & II)

Again sitting high up in the crow’s nest of the good ship Moo-La,
Angel recalls watching closely the first time President Trump visited Poland,
shortly after he entered office.
What a beautiful meeting.
And now watching closely
Poland visiting The White House,
it is even more clear that of course
President Trump has a plan.
It has good purpose and it is also very flexible. The captain has a sure hand on the wheel.
The purpose is to provide more and better opportunities for people.
This is done by securing economic stability and reciprocal trade.
It is secured and even driven more accurately and with more inspiration
when money carries demurrage charges.
So it can easily be understood (by those who know about IT)
that declaring demurrage on The US dollar
is part of this overall Plan.
Step by step our Great Ship is moving
in that direction. Thank you Captain.

The plan is also flexible,
which has been proven,
even regarding the recent close encounter
with The Corona Monster.
But our great captain rearranged the sails of our great ship
so that we are able to move around the danger and continue still going in the direction of declaring demurrage on The US dollar
and thus closer to
secure economy
and reciprocal trade,
even to the minutest exchanges of energy/
Natural Resources.

When I follow the path of money which carries demurrage charges
I end up at the quarry; the source of the natural resource (including energy)
or raw material
which is used in the first step of making anything.
And consequently the money (Demand)
is balanced with Supply ( of Natural Resources and Energy)
Environmentalists this is very important.

Declaring demurrage on The US dollar is also important for humanitarians to understand because with it comes freely flowing migration,
and I don’t mean illegal human slave trafficking.

Aaahhh, what a beautiful sunrise.
Angel is up early.

“Barron, your Dad is a hard working
good man, and very wise.” Angel says.

“Thank you. And he’s fun too.”
Barron replies.

They are both sitting in The Crow’s Nest now.

“I gotta meet him.”
Angel says

After awakening from her sky nap:
“ So, why am I doing this?“
Angel asks her self again.
She is sitting alone
way up high
in the crows nest
of The Great Ship Moo-La
as it floats just off the coast
of the United States.*
She decides to just be with her breathing.
What is it doing? How is it? She observes.
And says to herself
in her mind,
“Every breath
that I am
is one
for nourishing
Oh yeah that’s better.
Because I am Qi Gonging
The Money Gate.
And moving or acting
in a smooth, continuous natural way.
It’s good for me,
and it’s good for industry too,
and our world,
Mother Earth.
Once I am able
to move through The Money Gate myself
I won’t even have to say anything.
I’ll be able to simply
the others;
whoever is interested,
or chooses to inquire,
and they will see.
* The union of states.
States with no economic borders between them obstructing the flow
of all the natural resources and products.

From where I sit,
way up here in the crow’s nest,
I am looking westward
as the sun is setting.
I can imagine 50 separate states
with lines even separating them from one another but without economic borders to obstruct the flow of products and services crossing those lines at all.
Free trade,
the way it is meant to be, like it can easily be all over the world.

Angel comes down from the crow’s nest
and that evening
her and some of the gang
go to town to watch the festivities and fireworks. They meet some very intriguing young people while they are out.

As they are chilling in a quiet back street alleyway, a black sedan comes screeching around the corner in a cloud of dust.
And out of one of the doors a man comes flying, rolling into plain view of all the young folks.
He says he needs to hide quickly,
and they take him to The Moo-La.
Who is this man?

Angel and her crew,
and their new deaf friends,
are all gathered together inside of their old wooden ship
is it floats just off the coast of the USA
on this sparkling Fourth of July evening.

“What’s your name there mister?”
Angel asks the mystery man.

“ It’s … and he thinks for a few seconds …
William Crowdy.”

Smiles from the children. It’s very quiet.

“ My grandpa founded the only ever
Society for Black Hebrew Israelites
in the United States
a long time ago.
He closes his eyes.
And calm peace washes over his face.
He smiles gently.
And his eyes open.
He looks at Angel.
“ And what about y’all?“

And this is what Angel says,
“If we perpetuate
the hoardable form of money,
we degenerate,
even if there is a big debt Jubilee
(a big hand out),
The Process of Natural Selection
being overpowered
it will be replaced by
unnatural forces.

“I know you!”
William exclaims, looking at her so gratefully.

“ Well yes.
I believe you have seen my work.
I have been corresponding with President Trump since his inauguration.
Thank you for receiving my first letter.”
Angel says.

William looks at Angel with surprise … and ..
“So very pleased to meet you.
I am,
I mean we all are, Donald too,
so curious about you.”

Angel and the others smile,
listening attentively,
the new deaf friends pay close attention too.
There is silence for a moment.
Angel looks into William’s eyes.
“ Let’s meet.” She says. Calmly. Softly. Sublimely. The room is very still,
except for the waves which wash up against
The Moo-La,
and the screeching of a seagull.

“ I have an idea.” Says William.
“Why don’t you fill me in on how you see things these days, I mean at this moment in time,
and I’ll share with everybody about myself …
and my grandpa …
and my great grandpa.”

“ And we can have a little tea party too.”
Says Angel.
“And relax.”
Angel ask the others if we have any of the good bedtime tea
and some cookies.
“Fresh cookies
I made today.” Says Crystal Lynn.
“ And I’ll prepare our tea.” Adds Camel.

They head to the kitchen.
Crystal Lynn‘s little dog, Cash,
stays sleeping on the couch.

When Crystal Lynn and Camel
return with the goods Angel starts:
“ I will write another letter right now,
to President Trump,
and give it to you directly.
Will you make sure that he receives it?”

William holds his thumb up. “I’ll do it.”

As she writes she reads aloud:
“ Dear Mr. president Donald Trump,
thank you for keeping US on course Captain.
I admire your strength and steady focus.
And I feel confident that you know that our present form of money has a defect,
which CAN be fixed.
The devil himself has told me
that as long as the money is left in the form which is able to be hoarded,
The 1% will continue to control matters
(matter; EVERYTHING)
from behind the scenes.
I am confident sir that you will address this very important detail when the appropriate time comes.
I am with you sir.
I can see
that you are sailing our great ship USA
out of the dark and dangerous seas
that we have been lost in for a long time.
Thank you.
Cheers to US. (the rest of the world will benefit unimaginably well)
here’s to US government issued “ice money“ which “melts”;
unhoardable money with demurrage,
so that IT is compelled to return to circulation work and do its job; serve it’s purpose
and bring us true peace
by unleashing our full human potential
as The Hand of God,
with no interference from The Invisible Hand,
or The Invisible Enemy, or
The Cash Mob Elite.
Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy

“There you go good friend.” Says Angel as she hands William the letter.
“ Now, to give you an idea
of what we have been up to.
We have started a magical story.
Would you like to join us William?
@insideanatom on Twitter

PS: I would love to meet your church.

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