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Declaring demurrage on the US Dollar before the November 3 election

Continued from the article:
The US Postal Service and Silvio Gesell
“To assure that money
will continue to be available
for sustaining, growing, and refining
the economic successes
which have been achieved
and which are coming soon
according to President Trump.

“If a socialist agenda
is engaged by some unusual
chance in this coming election,
then money will be hoarded.
This is not the first time
we’ve gone through this experience.
I went through it myself, in 1919, *
and there was even a pandemic then as well.

“I had the same problems as President Trump
with the media,
with fire and riots in the streets
with being accused of “experimenting”
with money.
I was accused of plenty of wrongdoing
just as President Trump has had to experience.
And defending myself
I was acquitted
by a jury and judge
who could not make the claims against me stick because who in the jury or in the judges seat even knew enough about money
to judge me. None.
And it is that way today.
Not even the Universities
Have a clear picture.
They all see just a blue sky,
where the hoardable money dogma is the blue.
No contrast at all to compare with
unhoardable money with demurrage
is not even talked about in the classrooms.

“ I know about it.
And my young friends too.
And I can see clearly
the problems which are caused
by the defective hoardable money.
And I know the way out.

“Thank you.
Do it just in case.
In one year or less
everything will be transformed.
Salainte Angel.”

“To declaring demurrage on on The US dollar.”

She holds up the bottle
and removes the top.
The blue lava
turns into smoke
which like a small hurricane
swirls it’s way back into
the magic bottle.

Angel puts the top back on
and closes her eyes.
just watching the breathing.

To be continued…

* source The Defense Speech by Silvio Gesell
YouTube “spiritoftruth123” thank you Robert Wade.

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