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Openly Debating Climate Change And Water Issues

The Levant News — Reviewed by Riad al Khouri** — With both climate change and water issues being increasingly discussed in global and regional fora, the appearance ofTransboundary Water Management and the Climate Change Debate is especially timely. In particular, this specialist publication looks at the Nile and Jordan basins, among several others globally; and one of its conclusions as noted by reviewer Riad al Khouri is that, for these places and others, more open and inclusive national and international discussions are essential to manage problems related to water scarcity in an era of rapid change.

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Anton Earle et al, Transboundary Water Management and the Climate Change Debate, London, 2015 USD145 (hardback) USD53 (paperback) 187pp.

*The book review has appeared in the November issue of Jordan Business magazine.

**Riad al Khouri is a Jordanian development economist (ralkhouri@gmail.com)


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