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The Deal part one

“I sent a letter to
Hemp Inc.
this morning.”

Watching the sunrise
Angel takes a sip of tea
with V,
and President Trump walks up to join them.

“I heard that.
Say it. Go ahead. Please.
And good morning to you all.”

V bounces out of her seat
and holds up
her little tea cup
to greet him.
Angel holds her cup up

“Cheers my good friend.”
They both say it at the same time.

President Trump holds his hand
over his heart
and bows.
“Please, tell me your idea
O little wise one.”

“I have sent a proposal to Hemp Inc.
for striking up a deal.
Like you always say sir,
First the deal,
The money.
Put this one right in there with
The Abraham Accords.

In The New South,
where Doral is Capital,
Mirror City in The New Levant Region
will be developed
from a desert
much like the one
of The Old Levant Region.
But in this New Levant Region
we will not use the traditional
hoardable form of US dollars.
We will use
unhoardable US dollars with demurrage.”

President Trump:
“Do you have a bank which will manage it?”

“Oh yes.” She says very calmly.
“The Bank of Free Money;
Money free-ed
to circulate
and nurture continuous, uninterrupted,
free from interference.”

President Trump:
“Will you still use the paper money?”

“Oh yes,
anyone is free to hold some paper money, as much as you wish. However, that person must pay the demurrage,
or holding,
But why would you want so badly
to keep some that that dirty ‘germy’ paper
in your pocket?”

President Trump:
“ I don’t.
But I suppose people who are afraid do. Why? …
They don’t know how money functions.
And they are very afraid of …
I guess you could call it
The Invisible Monster.
But actually, it is not so invisible.
The paper money
secret usury leverage device
is right under our nose.

the secret members of
The Trillion Dollar Club,
are invisible.
They hide behind their disciples
The Cash Mob Elite
and their blind followers,
even The Federal Reserve.

They wouldn’t let me into
their Trillion Dollar Club,
even though I had plenty of wealth.
They wanted cash paper US dollars,
one trillions worth.

But then I became President.
Now I could get in,
I was sure of it.

I got the money cash,
lots of it from China.
They had plenty
stockpiled from all the years
of imbalanced trade.
Then I leveraged it,
just like the usual.
And I wrote a check.
‘First time I ever signed a check
with a T in it.‘
Remember me saying that?
And now
thanks to you little Angel
the other players are getting really nervous because they have found out about
my Trump Card;
declaring demurrage on The US dollar.”

“But what if you aren’t, well you know …
living in The White House next year?”

President Trump:
“Either way,
from Washington or Doral.
I know their weakness.”

“And what is that sir?”

President Trump:
Money which ‘melts’;
The US dollar with demurrage.”

“I trust you sir.”
And she blows him
a kiss.
I love Melania too.
Thank you Melania.”

you will invest in Mirror City?”

President Trump:
“I’m sure not gonna just hold the cash.
That’s the string
that holds
all The Puppets up.
Puppet Theater
will soon
be over.
And The Puppets
will fall …
The Giants
will return,
being subservient
to us.
And only one Master
will remain.

Angel and V:
“I love you.”

The Beast:
“Me too.”

President Trump:
“I love you too.”

to be continued…

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