By Russell Morris


As of January 8, 2020
The Fed
says there is 1.75 trillion US cash paper dollars “IN” circulation.

How much is NOT in circulation nor accounted for,
which is hiding and operating in
The Dark Realms?

Declaring Demurrage on The US dollar would change our world;
It would unfund
The Dark Forces.
It would return all of the hidden secret leverage money to circulation, so that the invisible
Cash Mob Elite
can no longer manipulate our market conditions by instigating (forcing) The Cycles of
BOOMs and BUSTs,
environmentalists, humanitarians
is the problem
we see manifested as
the environmental and humanitarian crisis.
The cause:
the hoardable money trick.

The Antidote:
Declaring Demurrage on money
(The US dollar for starters).
It will end this unnecessary and contrived
and allow us to not just reach sustainability
but remain sustainable
while further refining our industrial and agricultural complexes,
including the new hemp cannabis sector.
(see ShiBboLeTh
and The Settlement part one
published by The Levant News)
Where is Bono and Greta,
didn’t you get the message?
Unhoardable Money with Demurrage
would also end
the slave trafficking problem,
which has used cash paper money to do it’s dirty work
since Abraham Lincoln
and before.
(see “Lesson of Beatrix”
and “Lesson of Harriet”
published by The Levant News)

It would also give us the money
to fund
“The Basic Income with Demurrage”
in order to set our factories and farms on the right path with
“The Historic Next Order”,
which would reflect
the accurate needs of
the people for the first time ever
in history,
and once the other countries follow the lead of the United States
it would allow everyone
to try living
they really would like to live most because …
money with Demurrage
will lead to more local
micro factory and farm development
(working in cooperation with the amazing organization abilities of our big corporations. Cheers. That’s a good thing… as long as hoardable money is not used).

Unhoardable Money with Demurrage
also leads to and ensures
no debt surplus
and no money surplus.
Unhoardable money with Demurrage
is the natural enforcer
reciprocal trade,

start a new conversation
instead of the same old one which revolves (spins)
around hoardable money,
including in all of its alternative names.)
President Trump knows all about it. He wants that hidden money
and he’s probably just waiting for someone to ask him the question
“What about unhoardable money with Demurrage Sir?”

Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy
no more attention to
“who done it”,
it’s very costly
in many ways.
We are all guilty
mostly only because so many
“know not what they do”.
But Mohammed
and Jesus did
and so did Silvio Gesell.
And so do I.
(the Land dilemma is addressed in
“The Money War”
published by
The Levant News)

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