I just heard on the news; NPR,
that the Chinese Central Bank
is cleaning money and issuing NEW
paper money
in response
to the virus possibly
on the old paper money.

By Russel Morris
Once again paper money is being flushed out of
The Dark Realms.
The Demurrage Gang *
has once again
helped us,
by their very clever response,
this time
to The Coronavirus.

Now, money will NOT be held back
in REACTION to the fearful “news”.
And this is very important.
Our survival depends
on money
circulating optimally.
Especially NOW.
Unhoardable Money with Demurrage
assures this.

The Dark Forces
are weakening.
Their power;
the paper money,
mostly US dollars,
is being “forced”
up from below.
It is rising
from deep in a cave
deep down below.
From The Dark Shadows.

Keep up the good work
Demurrage Gang.*
I am with you.
Angel NicGillicuddy ?
and The Beast
is with me.

* President Trump, Boris, Xi, Abe, Moon J, Modi, all of you. More are joining. Thank you.

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