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The Levant News Daily Report on Syria: Fierce Battles Continued near Damascus Countryside

THE LEVANT NEWS EXCLUSIVE – Damascus – By Rim Al-Samman – Translated by Mirvat Sibaii —

The fierce clashes that erupted one week ago between the Syrian Army and fighters of “Jaish al-Islam” are still taking place around Dahiyat al- Assad near Damascus countryside accompanied by exchange of shelling from the two sides amid the fall of human losses and injuries.

This comes amid attempts by “Jaish al-Islam” to achieve advancements and tighten its control over strategic checkpoints, in order to pave the way towards Damascus. It is worth to mention that “Jaish al-Islam” has been preparing for the ongoing battle called “Allah Ghaleb” – God is the Victor –through setting plans, collecting data, digging tunnels and training thousands of elements on fighting in rough places.
It was reported that the battle’s balance sheet has, however, tilted more to “Jaish al-Islam” who has taken control over the region covering Tal al-Kurdi, the buildings surrounding women’s prison and the chain mountain around the eastern Ghouta including military barracks, security sites and number of checkpoints spread along Damascus – Homos international highway. This comes after Jaish al-Islam has conducted sudden attack on positions of Syrian units, where one of the ammunition stores was exploded amid counterattack by Syrian forces and calling up for additional forces and fortifications.
According to a map published by Syrian activists, “Jaish al-Islam” gained control over number of areas in eastern Ghouta.
Moving to Hasaka, series of explosions rocked the city, today morning and yesterday. Field sources said that a suicide attack has targeted the city of Hasak for the second consecutive day, resulting in number of deaths and injuries. It is believed that ISIS is responsible for the explosion that was conducted by a booby-trapped car.

Meanwhile, field sources informed that rockets attacks were carried out by the armed militias targeting neighborhoods of Halab al-Jadeda, al-Hamadanya, leaving 17 dead and around 85 injured.
This coincided with fierce clashes that erupted between the Syrian Army and fighters of “Ansar al-Sharia” room operation on fronts of scientific research center and New Aleppo.

The Syrian warplanes targeted groups of “Jaish al-Fatah” in Idlib province as well as it artillery shelled positions of fighters in many villages of Idlib province, resulting in casualties among factions.

Finally, in Daraa, sources informed that the Syrian Army made significant advance, after establishing control over many areas in Daraa amid continuing battles with the factions of the “Storm of the South”

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