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Constitutional vacuum threatens nation, Hezbollah bloc leader

MP Mohammed Raad, the head of Hezbollah’s parliamentary bloc, has warned that presidential vacuum would “weaken the national stance in the face of the external threats.”

“Every group in Lebanon has the legal and constitutional right to have its approach towards this juncture, but according to our vision of the balances of power of the political, parliamentary and constitutional forces in this country, and according to our evaluation of the (national) interest, we call on everyone to preserve security and stability in the country through expediting the accomplishment of this juncture and leading a new president to the Baabda Palace,” Raad said.

He added: “From our side, we strive to keep the country ready for confronting the hostile junctures that are threatening us from an external enemy.”

“Constitutional vacuum weakens the national stance in the face of the external threats, that’s why we hope everyone will try to accomplish this juncture on time,” Raad went on to say.

As for the sea border demarcation file, the Hezbollah lawmaker said his party will not accept that Israel “exploit gas looted from Palestine to sell it for high prices to Europe.”

“We will confront this juncture in the coming days,” he vowed.


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