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Connect with Empathy and Lead with Compassion

Empathy is essential for connection in any corporate surroundings. One can leverage the spark to lead with compassion. Effective Leaders must move beyond Empathy towards Compassion.

By Emile Fakhoury
Compassion occurs when we ask ourselves what we can do to support the person who is suffering. By practising mindfulness, it is possible to become more compassionate with others. 

The graph above in further perspective:

1– Pity: We have little understanding and we simply feel sorry for the situation.

2– Sympathy: We experience it with an increase in our willingness to help others.

3– Empathy: We feel with the person and make those feelings our own.

4– Compassion: We pull on our emotional awareness and understanding.

Here are some strategies for using Empathy as a catalyst for leading with Compassion:

1-Take a step away

Step out of the emotional space to get a clearer perspective of the situation and the person. Remember you are not stepping away from the person, but you are stepping away from the problem.

2-Ask what they need

As you have initiated a solution to the issue, inform and share out about how you can help.

3-Remember the power of non-action

Some people need your ear and your caring presence. Taking non-action can often be the most powerful means of helping.

4-Coach the person to find their solution

Leadership is about developing people, so they are empowered to solve their problems. Mentor to show a pathway to finding their answers.

5-Practice self-care

Show self-compassion by practising authentic self-care. Exercise, sleep and eat well and practice mindfulness. You cannot be an empathetic leader if you don’t practice kindness with yourself.

Practice self-care and work-life balance.

When you lead with compassion, you are calm, confident, and competent!

Emile Fakhoury is a Business Professional working in the water and energy sector. He publishes regularly on corporate matters at The Levant news.

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  5. Nice article. Well done👍

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