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Confirmed: UAE’s Al Yah-3 satellite ‘healthy’

A Yahsat official has confirmed the launch of Al Yah-3 satellite mission, and that the third satellite in the company’s fleet is “healthy”.

In a tweet, the company’s official handle confirmed the launch of the 3,790-kg Al Yah-3 satellite on board the European rocket Ariane 5.

“The launch is a key milestone in Yahsat’s strategy to expand its Ka-band coverage across Africa and to establish a presence in Latin America,” the tweet stated.

Masood M. Sharif Mahmood, Yahsat Chief Executive Officer, tweeting using the @yahsatofficial handle, stated: “Pleased to know that the satellite is healthy, that the necessary steps are being taken to ensure the original mission is fulfilled. I would like to thank our technology partner Orbital ATK&Yahsat team in ensuring the #AlYah3 objectives are met.”

Al Yah Satellite Communications Co (Yahsat) is owned by Mubadala, based in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Orbital ATK built Al Yah-3 at the company’s manufacturing facility in Dulles, Virginia.

Once the satellite reaches its geostationary earth orbit, some 36,000 above the planet, Al Yah-3 will extend Yahsat’s commercial Ka-band coverage to an additional 600 million users across Africa and Brazil.

Al Yah-3 was launched alongside the European-owned SES-14 satellite.

Earlier on Firday, it was reported by the European space centre in Kourou that contact was briefly “lost” with the rocket during launch.

Three hours after launch, Arianespace released a statement saying that the loss of contact was due to the fact that the second “downrange” tracking station located in Natal, Brazil, did not acquire the launcher telemetry — which explained the loss of contact with the rocket.

“Subsequently, both satellites were confirmed separated, acquired and they are on orbit. SES 14 and Al Yah-3 are communicating with their respective control centers. Both missions are continuing,” Arianspace stated.

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