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US, allies conduct strikes against ISIS in Iraq, Syria

THE LEVANT NEWS — The United States and its allies conducted 18 airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and six in Syria on Wednesday, coalition leading the operations said in a statement.

The airstrikes in Iraq were concentrated around the northern city of Mosul, where nine strikes destroyed 24 ISIS fighting positions, two vehicles, two machine guns and an excavator, the U.S.-led coalition said in a statement Thursday.

Five strikes near Ramadi, where Iraqi government troops have been waging an offensive to retake the city, destroyed five command and control nodes, “cratered” five roads used by ISIS and denied militants access to terrain, it said.

Other targets in Iraq were near Sultan Abdallah, Albu Hayat and Kisik, the coalition said.

In Syria, four strikes near Manbij hit three tactical units and destroyed an ISIS fighting position and logistics facility, the statement said. The other strikes destroyed fighting positions, a vehicle and a mortar system near Ayn Isa and Mar’a.


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