By Russell Morris


“Everything is so quiet”,
Angel says to herself, smiling.

Lots of beautiful fluffy pure white snow
Covers everything,
Including the huge Castle.
There is just the sound
Of the fire.
Angel is being with her breathing.

The other 12 at the meeting
Have read The Dossier
And now have
A pretty good idea about
How many functions,
Including unhoardable Money
And not just the defective
Hoardable Money,
Which we have been using
For thousands of years
Without even questioning.

Angel begins:
A true story:
On Sunday, May 5, 1919
Silvio Gesell and Theophil Christen
Were arrested
While on an excursion trip
In the surroundings of Munich.
And on their way back to Munich,
Although under guard,
They were mobbed and manhandled.

After questioning
They were again
With a certificate
That no charge existed against them.
And they should be left free.

Arriving home
After a refreshing supper in a restaurant,
They were served by three Hussars.
(Polish Winged soldiers on horseback)
With a new order of arrest.

Gesell and Christen
Showed their certificate.
The Leader of the group left
To get new orders.

When Silvio looked into his briefcase,
He found that his
More detailed elaboration
Of the proposed
Program of action
Was missing.

When the officer returned
He held this document in his hand
And declared
That they were under arrest.

Believing them dangerous conspirators,
They were placed in solitary cells
At Stadelheim Prison.

The document
Is an old German book of magic.
I have it.
It was sitting on the shelf
In the Library of Congress
Washington DC,
Right next to
The Natural Economic Order
By Silvio Gesell.
When I opened it
I could tell
It had only been looked at
Very slightly, one time.
It had been sent
Directly from the press,
Published March 9, 1909
In Berlin,
And received by the Library of Congress Washington DC
On April 5, 1909.
Over the ocean
As quickly as possible.
It was one of only 655 copies printed.

It has been three years
Since I looked at this book
For the first time.
And by now
I am sure
Someone else has also
Examined it
Guess who?
He is of German descent.
And The Fed are not
His friends anymore.

In it
Are the “secrets”,
In detail
For how to
Our money system
From using the defective
Hoardable form of money;
The secret evil device
The Beast,
Unhoardable money or “money with Demurrage”.
Not “negative interest”.
I call it “ ice money”,
Which melts in my hand
If I hold tightly to it for too long.
It is compelled to flow,
And circulate like
The blood in your body
To keep you healthy.
Ice Money
Which circulates
Without interference or obstruction
Will keep our world
It will make sure
That Nature is
Not destroyed
Just for money.
It has a built-in miraculous power.
It causes the forces which
Seek to do evil
To only achieve good.

The room is so quiet now.
Just the sound of the fire.
Angel is being with her breathing,
She looks out the window.
It’s a full moon.

ANY kind of global currency
Which is designed and based on
The defective hoardable form of money
Will inevitably lead to
The downfall of
The World,
Just like the hoardable form of money
Was used to cause the downfall of
Rome, Greece, and Babylon.

Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy

The winged soldiers on horseback
Took the document
And sold it
To the highest bidder.

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