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A Tale Of Three Cities By Alexander McCabe

The Levant News Exclusive — A Tale Of Three Cities  is a novel written by Alexander McCabe and was released on November 2nd.


Alexander McCabe posted on his website that, in his book Greater Expectation; he wanted to write “A love story that overcame the stereotypes of class and wealth and do this from a male perspective. This particular challenge really appealed to me as it seems that this has been somewhat lacking in this particular literary genre. I wanted to burst the taboo that love is somehow “for girls” and that men try and avoid it at all costs. To me, that’s just nonsense.”

In his new book,  McCabe is trying to explore the idea of friends developing their relationship to give love a chance. “In my experience, there always seems to be a reason to not take that chance and I find that tragic. Love is about hope, excitement, wonder and growth and so should always conquer those fears and frustrations.

I would hope that my book could be used as a reference by those who see themselves in a similar position and allow them to explore their relationship and develop it from friendship to love.”

He also adds “Only, this time, it’s a Thriller rather than a Romantic Comedy. I should also stress that this has been written as both a sequel and standalone novel, as I appreciate that the graphic nature of Greater Expectations was not to everyone’s taste.”

The Synopsis of A Tale of Three Cities:


“Penny had never expected Z to walk through the gates of her sprawling Scottish estate and unlock her heart, but that is exactly what he did. Living the dream, they are blissfully happy in their little slice of paradise.
Until the dream is shattered when the nightmare that was her past finds them.
Now, the race is on to protect all that they hold dear…each other.”
It is worth mentioning that McCabe’s first book Greater Expectations was a Kindle 1 bestseller in its category on Amazon.
f you would like a free copy sent directly to you, please just complete the sign up form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1vL2DkhIahveb68W55evg4E0aikT3iIRHv0CURmkXsIw/viewform
Source: aasmccabe.com


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