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China Premier stresses for innovation drive at Boao Forum

THE LEVANT NEWS -- By Muhammad Zamir Assadi* -- The dynamics of the modern industrial production are the most important means of the national prosperity. The skilled people and the innovative moves guarantee the national development goals and the success and the enthusiasm for the national causes finally yields to shape the fortune and the prestige of the nations. During the recent Boao Forum for Asia BFA annual conference held in the island province of Hainan, Premier Li Keqiang emphasized China’s firmness and the enhanced cooperation and assured China’s market openness for the regional and international development. Moreover, it was further accentuated the significance and the need of innovation in the region’s industrial and economic development. Likewise, the historic landmark of the economic progress and the industrial development are the outcomes of China’s constant enthusiasm by pursuing the principals of the innovation that switched the economic rise through the investment growth and the increased trade and export opportunities. Besides the essentiality of the increased investment, Premier Li further emphasized the need of rise in the regional productivity through enshrining the skills of the work force through professional training and the proper education and both will ultimately yield in the professional research and will greatly contribute towards the regional development.
The development without better communication is merely a dream without less possibilities of the reality. For enhanced communication between the nations, China’s idea of ‘internet plus’ assures the involvement of more nations and their people by accessing the chances of progressing ride towards the modern evolving scenario through the information age where all the nations would become able to plunk for close communication for the mutually beneficial objectives. The idea of intent plus greatly professes the goals of regional development, Prime Minister Li Keqiang underlined the importance of the using modem sculpts of the technology that could hammer out the improved cooperation by engaging the common masses particularly the youth for the national and regional development reasons. Apart from the notions of the internet communication, the road networks also greatly become a source of development as the better communication structures support nations for transporting their good and imports to the regional markets. China has especially compact consideration for the regional infrastructural and road network developments. Significantly, China’s One-Belt One-Road initiatives have greatly provided the region with immense opportunities of reaching each other through the railway and road networks.
China’s One Road, One Belt plan demonstrates the firm pledge for generating growing opportunities and exploring variety of options for the economic progress and the development of the neighboring and regional countries. The belt and road project efficiently connects over 70 nations besides, the project prospectively comprise the construction of more rail and road networks that connect the Bangladesh, China, India and Myanmar and eventually links with the Silk Road, and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The Chair of the Board of Manager of the Eurasian Resources Group acknowledged the benefiting importance of the One-Belt-One-Road projects by highlighting the fact that Kazakhstan has greatly benefited from China's belt and road initiative and China's further plans building large power and steel plants in the country would prove outstanding support for the exceptional progress of the Kazak people.
Later on, during the meeting with entrepreneurs of the symposium on the sidelines of the annual conference Premier Li elaborated the idea of China’s openness for the foreign companies and the entrepreneurships in order to reach the free trade accords particularly by establishing a Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. The free trade opportunities also demand the nation’s greater contributions of the industrial production therefore; the expertise in the quality industrial production means would automatically enable the nations to make their place in the regional and international marketplace. In addition, the heightened entrepreneurship and the mass innovation greatly support the growth drives and exceptionally have been enabling China in grabbing more opportunities for the economic development.

zameer China Premier stresses for innovation drive at Boao Forum

*Muhammad Zamir Asadi is a journalist from Pakistan. He writes opinions on different national and international issues including foreign relations, conflict zones, and war on terror:Connect him at

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