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Chess, Trump and Angel

continuing from the previous chapter:
As Angel is standing there
just soaking up the sun,
Barron walks up.
“Game of Chess?” Barron asks.
“Sure” Angel replies.
Barron: “ I have a great place to play.”
He leads her to The Black Barracuda,
and soon they are at The White House,
and sitting at the table.

“ So, tell me what you’re up to.” Barron asks.
“Well I was just going to ask you
the same question.” She replies.
“Cave diving, for massive hidden treasure.”
“My Dad is doing that too.”
“And building an Ark.”
“My Dad is doing that!”
“ I know, that’s who I’m talking about.”

“Infrastructure building.
It is The Great Ark,
so that we are able to fully potentiate
the power
of The Great Flood
of cash paper money US dollars
returning from the underground world
when your Dad declares demurrage
on The US dollar.”
Angel clarifies.
“The Dark Forces will be unfunded.
Human trafficking business will
go bankrupt.
The Beast will become subservient to us.”

“ You know The Beast?” Barron responds.

“ Well yes
I live with him.” Angel answers.

“ Does he have a nice place?“ Barron asks.

“ I’ll just take you there.” she says. Your move.”

“ I say we just remember where we are in this game and continue at his palace.”

Barron says out loud (for his phone)
“B3, come and get us please.”

It is late when they arrive.
The Beast is asleep in front of the fire.

“ Well, so there he is.
He has surrendered
as you can see.” Angel says.

“To what?” asks Barron.

“Me. Angel NicGillicuddy….with an N.”

“Nice.” Barron replies.

“ Does your Dad know where you’re at?”
Angel asks.

“Always.” Barron says.

“ Let’s get some tea and continue our game.“
Angel suggests.

Both young people smiling … just a little bit.

They play for about an hour.
Very slow moves.
Getting to know each other.
And then,

“ I got a proposition for you.“ Angel whispers.
Is your dad listening?”

“Probably.” Barron says.

“Ok.” Angel affirms.

To be continued.
Coming …

discussion about Mirror City on The Border.
“Maybe my father’s friend would consider using
The US dollar with demurrage
in his Neom City.” Barron suggests.

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