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By Russell Morris


The Deals
are setting up all around
The Central Bank System.
The chess game of the century is almost over for them.
and The Cash Mob Elite
and their Dark Forces
are getting weaker
and weaker.

“Have you ever played chess Angel?” The Beast asks.

“Oh yes.
But I can’t remember how I learned.” she says.

The Beast continues,
“It’s a very old game
with mysterious origins.
Like the Money game.

The Demurrage Gang
have worked very hard
Lazer Focus,
never distracted
from their quest.

Each new deal requires
MORE money.
The Deal (contract, law)
is what you take to the bank
to get the loan.
But The Fed’s strategy
is based on their very typical
Recession Hoax.
It’s a hoax
The Demurrage Gang
knows better.
They know
that the cash paper money
has been sucked out of our business circulation
over these last three years
since President Trump
and The Demurrage Gang
have been discussing their strategy and making deals.

The Cash Mob Elite
have been cashing in
and using this paper money to cause “disruption”,
that’s what they call it.
And some people even believe
it’s a good thing
but those are the people
who have been fooled.
The real disruption
comes from
The Check Mate move
which is coming;
Declaring Demurrage on
The US dollar.

In the “normal” game
The Fed sees
the usual scenario
where economies start
turning downward
is removed from circulation,  so they raise rates because a downward trend does not make for a profitable investment
and if there is risk of profit,
interest payments
are also at risk.

But Trump
and The Demurrage Gang
have known
for a long time now
that there is a ton of hidden
paper money
US dollars.
So they have been flushing it out,
in order to keep business going while deals were being made.
And at the same time,
every million dollars of tariff money took power away
from The Cash Mob Elite,
and the black chess pieces
began to fall.

The Deals
are Law; Contract.
The Peace Deal
is even in position now.

The Fed
is stuck.
All it has is fake news
to help somehow scare us
and blow smoke into the game.

But The Demurrage Gang
is a group of very experienced
and intelligent business folks
who know how money functions and who have experienced
this part of the game
Several times.
They have been planning for years because they could see what was coming.
And they knew
the very typical moves
which The Cash Mob Elite
would try.

For all of you
who have a stash
that you are worried about
how declaring Demurrage on
The US dollar
will affect …
invest it.
You will do great
and that greatness
will spread.”

“Hey let’s make a toast.”
Angel says.
“To Amir Tataloo!

And they clash
their cups togeather.

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