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Challenged to Change Ourselves

We live in a constantly changing world, the evolution by itself is a change process that takes us from a current state to a better adapted state in our existing environment.

Staying challenged is part of our daily survival mode but it became more imbedded in our habits and behaviour to adapt to minor changes on daily basis and potentially face challenges for major changes that we face.

We found ourselves living in a complicated world with multiple influencing factors that affect our lives, we try relentlessly to find a comfort safety zone, which is part of our human instinct since the old ages. Humans always search for a habitat to survive, otherwise they would adapt themselves (DNA change) if the habit factors cannot be conditioned. We have made inventions and developed several processes and progressed since the old ages and we continue in the same process as we evolute, to change our adaptation circle so we can adjust in different environment as we change ourselves physically and biologically.

As for the life path, the professional career path presents challenges daily to our development and interaction with each other. We seem always choosing the easiest way when faced with challenges around our workplace, we tend to escape by leaving or changing roles or find alternative to the situation, but rarely we start intuitively by looking at changes needed in ourselves.

It is since the old ages that we are protective to ourselves and habitats, but we do not react intuitively to changes ourselves when faced with a new challenged situation. This explains how we inherited the same behaviour into our professional career and life.

I have found myself also challenged on various occasions in my academic and professional career, but I learned much from my mistakes as many like you also do.

I wanted to share my professional experience as I moved from engineering discipline to project management and now into business and sales management. The change is constant as we progress in our career and continue to evolve.

These changes that I have undertaken into my life and career, were not easy but much rewarding as I passed through the experiences. You cannot always change the environment around you when encountered with challenges, but to the opposite, try to reflect on what matter the most, the inner side.

Focus on what you want to achieve, and how to achieve it. Rely on your instincts and most importantly on your passion, to develop the gaps you might have and do not be shy to change yourself and your career path. I can assure you it will be more rewarding on personal level and professional level to recover these challenges after you become the new you.

Written by Emile Fakhoury

19 comments on “Challenged to Change Ourselves”

  1. Insightful article discussing to bring the best out of everyone ,motivating!

  2. Its very impressive article to read.
    true change is required to enhance ourself and mould you as per the current trend.

  3. Thank you Emile, for your input, ideas and proof that we are responsible for our world. We have a choice about how we respond and how to create our attitude.

  4. Great reflections Emile, understanding that change is always will give a different perspective and focusing on the positive side will make the challenge exciting… Always we need to remember to focus on what we can rather than looking at what we cannot control

    Thanks again

  5. Loved the article Emile!! Thank you for sharing! Changes and Challenges are part of life. How we respond to both determines who we are and who we want to be.

  6. Changes are normal part of all life aspects, necessary for evolution,in opposite to stagnation which leads to evanescence. However, changing ourselves which is equivalent to " adaptation" will be forever the most challenging situation a human being can faces. Otherwise,extenction is the result.

    Indeed, only passion and perseverence are the remedy. Well said Emil and nice to hear from you.

  7. Great article. Well described. True reflection of what we see in our daily life

  8. Inspired article Emile, really lead us to think deeply on where our next step should be directed.

    However, I might say changing existing environment or attempting to be in your environment challenge is your advise out of the article .. or maybe both depends on opportunity.

    Qu: based on your career path, what is the recommended years to spend on each specialist you’ve passed through and is it completely right approach?

    Thanks Emile and keep it up