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The Uyghurs’ Role With ISIS

THE LEVANT NEWS EXCLUSIVE — by Dr. Geoffrey Cook*– The Uyghurs are a non-Han (Sinic) Islamic people who reside in the northwest of China (in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region) next to the (also restive) Tibetans.   Within Xinjiang, they are forty-five percent of the population, but they are spread over a …

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ISIS likely brought down Russian plane: Britain

THE LEVANT NEWS — Britain said on Thursday there was a significant possibility that Islamic State’s Egyptian affiliate was behind a suspected bomb attack on a Russian airliner that killed 224 people in the Sinai Peninsula. Russia dismissed the claim as speculation and Egypt said there was no indication so …

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ISIS executes British son of preacher Omar Bakri

The Levant News — The son of the Lebanese infamous preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed(Fostoq) who fled Britain to join ISIS has been executed by his fellow terrorists, it was claimed this morning. Mohammed Omar Bakri Mohammed, whose father was infamously known as the Tottenham Ayatollah , is said to have …

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Iraq: Abadi’s reforms threatened by his own coalition

More than 60 members of Iraq’s ruling coalition will seek to withdraw parliamentary support for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s reforms if he does not respond within 72 hours to their demands for wider consultation, parliamentarians said. Growing political tensions could undermine efforts to tackle an economic crisis and form a …

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How Dangerous is ISIS to Israel?

By Efraim Inbar for BESA —  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: It is misplaced to view ISIS as posing an independent serious strategic challenge. While ISIS has ignited immense passion among many young and frustrated Muslims all over the world, on its own ISIS is capable of only limited damage. Suggestions that ISIS …

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