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Turkey’s goals of its invasion of North Syria

Dr. Haytham Mouzahem, head of Beirut Centre for Middle East Studies talks to International Affairs Review on the current situation in Syria and the Turkish military operations and the implications for the region.   Please walk us through what is happening right now in north east Syria. Turkey has been invading areas …

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President Abbas at the Helm again: A Way Forward for Palestinians

by Munshi Zubaer Haque, Intern, Beirut Center for Middle East Studies President of Palestinian Authority (PA) and Chairman of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Mahmoud Abbas has been re-elected as head or chairman of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), a move that clearly seems to be a further consolidation of his authority …

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Revolutions have many catalysts, but also share common threads

THE LEVANT NEWS Exclusive – By Dr. Haytham Mouzahem – Western theoretical studies on famous global revolutions reveal common elements in revolutions that assist in understanding their causes and motives. These studies show similarities not only in how and why revolutions occur, despite having different catalysts, but reveal other factors …

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All you need to know about Uighur “Jihadis” in Syria- Interview with Haytham Mouzahem

The Levant News — Here is an interview with Dr. Haytham Mouzahem, President of Beirut Center For Middle East Studies, regarding the Uighur fighters in Syria: Q- Is there now clear and undisputed evidence emerging from Syria of a significant Uighur presence? What is their number? I have seen everything …

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The Rise of “Jihadi Salafism”: From “Ikhwan” to ISIS

The Levant News Exclusive — By Dr. Haytham Mouzahem* — The term of “Jihadi Salafism” The Salafist and Wahhabist strains of radical Islam and their differences are worth understanding, as both ideologies have become more influential in the Middle East and North Africa since the Arab Spring revolutions. Salafi jihadism …

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