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Can An Office Chair Boost Your Business Growth?


Whether it is a startup or a well-established business, your assets will always be your employees. It is due to their hard work that you are able to generate revenue for your business. Thus, it becomes a major responsibility of the business owners to take care of the needs of their employees in order to retain the best resources.

Among all the needs of the employees, their health is the crucial one which needs attention. They are working for more than 8 hours in a stretch at office. They have to keep sitting in front of desktops and laptops to keep your business run in a smooth way. As a result of this long hours’ sitting, they start falling sick. They suffer severe body pains like neck pain, back pain and they even start feeling tired too early. Due to this, the employee productivity is hampered and they start remaining absent from the office which interferes with the business growth.

To avoid such obstacles for your business and to make your employees feel healthy, you must consider your office chairs because the chair which they sit in for the whole day is the first culprit behind the deterioration of their health. There are a lot of features in the chair which could make it the best one or the worst one. Let us delve deeper to know about these features which could help you in buying the best office chair.

The Arm Rest

The arm rest of the chair should be adjustable to support elbows and forearms. This will help prevent the arm and wrist injuries which may otherwise take place due to bad posture of hand and arm while working on keyboard.

The Tilting Feature

Seat tilt is a good thing if the chair has. Tilt promotes proper sitting alignment and improves the pelvic posture of the sitting person. It also encourages blood flow throughout body while sitting.

The Back Support

For the persons who have to sit for long hours, back pain is pretty obvious. To prevent them from such issues, it is must that the back of the chair support their sitting posture.

The Height Adjustment

The height adjustment feature of the chair is really crucial. Every person is unique in body shape and size. This feature allows them to adjust the height of the seat as per their requirement.

The Reclining Back

The backrest reclining also plays a major role in keeping the spine and pelvis healthy. The adjustable backrest enables the user to relax the body. They can recline backwards which reduces the weight pressure on spinal disk and muscles.

The Swivel Feature

Sitting chair should have swivel property. It is must because it eases the movement of the user when he or she tries to reach a point on their desk. With swivel feature, they are able to make strain-free movements while sitting.

The Material Used

The material used on the chairs should be of good quality. It should have the features which could allow the air to pass through and does not cause sweating on the back. Mesh chairs are the most suitable for this kind of requirement.

The Wheels

The feature which is given the least importance is the wheels of the chairs. For your office, you should buy that chair which does not produce sound when its wheels roll. The other thing is that wheels should roll smoothly to help the user navigate better and quickly.

So next time when you search for a perfect chair in the market, look for the above mentioned features. Moreover, all these discussed features can be easily found in ergonomic chairs. You can have a look at these kind of chairs in variety on Monarch Ergo website. If you want to experience the seating in chair, you can visit Monarch Ergo Pvt Ltd in Hyderabad.  There are multiple stores for office furniture by Monarch Ergo across India and abroad.

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