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“Burn pit” Biden and Gunpowder

A new guy has joined Angel’s
demurrage gang.
He works in the Mining business
extracting Nitre,
not in the air division
but in the poop and dead bodies division.
Yes, air can be used,
it’s even free,
but using poop and dead bodies
our suppliers PAY us,
in hard cold cash, US paper dollars,
it’s required.

Do you think our product
gets a little more expensive
during times of war,
especially during the early battles?

Do you think there is a bit of an auction, where the sale is to the highest bidder?”

“Nice to meet you.” Angel says.
“Why do you want to join us?”

“We have something in common.
I control precisely the decay,
and you control precisely the demurrage, which is like the decay
but with money
instead of dead bodies and poop.

“In the past we have made negotiations
for our product
in exchange for US paper dollars
which we sometimes loaned to our buyer, and we found out that collecting on that loan proved to be a pain in the butt.

“We know why now,
and we believe that it is better for us
if demurrage is declared on the US dollar
so that we are able to collect
and so that we don’t run into
collection problems
in the future.

“We also believe that there is a very
evil entity
on this planet
which is causing our collection problems
by hoarding US paper dollars
out of circulation,
and so declaring demurrage on the US dollar we defeat that problem at the same time.”

“If our gun powder customer
stops coming around so much
then we have another big customer;
The Farmer.”

Angel bows to her new friend.
And he bows to her.

“What’s your name? Angel asks.
Let me guess …
are you English, Indian, Chinese, Islamic?”

“Nope, nope, nope, nope.”
You can call me Alek.”

to be continued …

Written by Russel Lee Morris

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