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Did Al-Baghdadi’s Brother convert to Christianity?

THE LEVANT –  The Levant found out that the report of the worldnewsdailyreport site,claiming that Mohammed Bakr al-Baghdadi, the brother of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,  has converted to Christianity, is a fabrication.

The false report quoted Al-Baghdadi saying to a large crowd of his followers. : «He is no more my brother then the miscreant American pigs we slay everyday… Let Allah not forget this treacherous swine when he pleads on his knees to enter the gates of Heaven and is thrown back into the pits of Hell».

The Israeli site claimed that Baghdadi cried out, before issuing a death-sentence on his own brother’s head.

It added that Mohammed Bakr al-Baghadi and his family are now under the Witness Security Program that has since 9-11 opened up not only to witnesses testifying against criminal organization members but who will also testify against terrorist organizations that are less organized and more dangerous.

The photo claimed by the site that it is for Baghdadi and his brothers is the video of the Egyptian Muhammad Atta and the Lebanese Ziad Jarrah, who were between the  hijackers   of the September 11 attacks.

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