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EU says parts of Britain’s reform demands ‘problematic’

The Levant News--
The European Union has labeled parts of a reform plan in the 28-nation bloc proposed by British Prime Minister David Cameron as "highly problematic," saying they clearly lead to discrimination between European citizens and restricts some fundamental freedoms.
A spokesman of the European Commission, the powerful executive wing of the EU, said on Tuesday that some objectives included by Cameron in his plan for renegotiating Britain’s membership in the EU are “difficult to reach.”
Margaritis Schinas said “some things … are highly problematic as they touch upon the fundamental freedoms of our internal market,” adding that “direct discrimination between EU citizens” can also be seen in some of Cameron's proposed demands.
The controversial proposals apparently include Cameron’s demands for more restriction imposed on the benefits received by the European migrants if they enter Britain, including the tax credits and other benefits paid to working people during their first four years in the kingdom.
Cameron sent the package of renegotiation demands to European Council President Donald Tusk in Brussels while he also outlined them during a speech in London. He said Britain wants to stay in the EU but there should come irreversible changes, which he said are not “Mission Impossible.”
British Prime Minister David Cameron (AFP photo)
“We are a proud, independent nation. We intend to stay that way,” Cameron said, adding that London seeks a clear exemption from the EU's commitment to an ever-closer union.
The EU said some of Cameron’s proposals for renegotiation talks may be feasible, but some of them ranged from “difficult to worse.”
“Prima facie, we see a number of elements which appear to be feasible like finding ways to increase the role of national parliaments, some issues which are difficult like ever-closer union and the relation between euro ins and outs,” Schinas said, adding that the EU is “ready to work for a fair deal with Britain that is also fair for all the other member states.”
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