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Boycotting the Boycott

THE LEVANT – Wal-Mart, ExxonMobil and Coca-Cola are among dozens of US businesses to pull-out their representatives from the Scottish city of Glascow in protest against the City Council’s decision to fly the flag over its city chambers as a sign of solidarity with Gaza.

Up to 600 CEOs and investors were due to visit the city as part of a delegation sent by Fortune 500 Company vice president Richard Cassini. However, in an email to the Council, Cassini anounced that he had cancelled the planned event.

“Having read your statement endorsing Hamas and its leadership due to the number of Muslims in your city, I have decided to cancel all plans for our trip,” Cassini wrote, adding “Hopefully, the Muslim population that you so sincerely endorse will have the spending power of the very people you have chased away so well.”

Russia Today also reported that Cassini insisted his decision to abandon the business leaders’ trip to Glasgow would not be reversed.

Israel resumed airstrikes across the Gaza Strip on Tuesday following the collapse of Egypt-hosted indirect negotiations aimed at striking a permanent ceasefire deal.

While Israel accused Palestinian resistance factions of violating the ceasefire with a rocket barrage, Hamas accused the self-proclaimed Jewish state of attempting to derail ceasefire talks in Cairo.

Since hostilities began on July 7, at least 2,069 Palestinians have been killed – the vast majority of them civilians – and more than 10,000 injured by relentless Israeli attacks across the embattled coastal territory.

According to Israeli figures, at least 67 Israelis – 64 soldiers and three civilians – have been killed over the same period.

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