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Our Ever Blest Rachel Corrie

THE LEVANT EXCLUSIVE -- By Geoffrey Cook --

Your writer is in the great American Pacific Northwest, in the State just south of Rachel Corrie’s home, the State of Washington. I am revisiting/revising an article of over decade ago because of the unjust verdict on the appeal in the Israeli civil case for her wrongful death. The plaintiffs were her parents. The announcement in Haifa / Israel was a dreadful injustice. It was a horrendous pronouncement by a nation-State that has become a global rogue!
The judgment, whose final appeal was denied last February, was outrageously unjust – blaming the victim for her own murder while denying any guilt to the perpetrators (i.e. murders) of that homicidal State!
Rachel Corrie (1979-2003), who was angelic in appearance and radiating a spiritual commitment of the modern American martyrs -- such as Martin Luther King. Jr. or a Medgar Evers -- was crushed purposefully and gruesomely by a bulldozer (provided by the U.S. government) while she was resisting the government in Tel Aviv by protecting the home of an impoverished Palestinian family from demolition by lunging her body before the machine in the Gazan city of Rafah.
Rachel is a true martyr for our time -- both in the Christian and Islamic sense. Through her courage unto death she has done much to bring our two Abrahamic traditions together. Yet the Israeli military (IDF) shortly after her dispatch announced closure of the file on Rachel's case by vilely exonerating themselves and the driver’s premeditation!
...It has often been remarked how a people who had been so brutally victimized eighty years ago, have now taken over the psychology of their torturers of the 1930s and 1940s.
...Further, on March 25th 2003 there was a U.S. House Concurrent Resolution 111:
“Expressing sympathy for the loss of Rachel Corrie in the Palestinian village of Rafah in the Gaza Strip on March 16, 2003.
Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That Congress--
(1) Expresses its sympathy to Craig and Cynthia Corrie and to their extended families, friends, and co-workers for the loss of Rachel Corrie in the Palestinian village of Rafah in the Gaza Strip on March 16, 2003;
(2) Calls on the United States Government to undertake a full, fair, and expeditious investigation into the death of Rachel Corrie; and
(3) Encourages the Government of the United States and the Government of Israel to work together to determine all the circumstances that led to this incident and to ensure that an incident of this kind never occurs again.”

This Resolution had more than forty-two Congressional co-signers demanding a comprehensive and independent American and Israeli investigation into the slaughter of Rachel, an American citizen who had expired under questionable and violent circumstances. Under the international laws of occupation, the question becomes who were the ultimate responsible authorities? What are the whys and hows, or even the accurate circumstances of her death, and much more, who is responsible for her demise? To this day only a few weak protests have been made on this matter from Washington. The Israelis replied with a stage trial exonerating themselves of the incident!
Along with Zola in the Deryfus Case, J’accuse Tel Aviv! J’acusse them of the torturous murder of the innocent Rachel! J’accuse the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) of Crimes of War! J’accuse the Jewish State for Crimes against Humanity; J’accuse the Hebrews of violations against the International Conventions on Occupation!
J’accuse my own country, the United States, for enabling the crimes of the modern Caiaphas, the ancient judge! Your composer confesses his own faults from benefiting from the evils of my land, and, like Rachel, he pledges to resist the evils of Moloch (with his pen)!
...Corrie’s Resolution of 2003 must not languish in the International Relations Committee annuals, but it must lead to further action and resistance!
Like any martyr of any tradition, she represents larger communities under oppression. For Corrie, she choose to come to Gaza to serve the mainly Muslim population although not a Muslim herself. The International Solidarity Movement (ISM), to which she belonged, has come from America and Europe to stand in camaraderie with the Arabs there and to bring to the attention of the World the suffering of their Palestinian friends and companions in distress.
...Shortly after, another member of the ISM, the British citizen Tom Hurndall, was shot in the head by the IDF on April 11th 2003 while endeavoring to distract the Israeli military from slaying a group of Palestinian children. He eventually expired in a London Hospital.
Despite the despicable verdict, let us celebrate the martyrs of the Prophets Issa and Mohammed together!

Written by The Levant