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Bitcoin/Dogecoin vs. Trump Money with demurrage

Donald Trump already has a very good relationship with Japan.
The Japanese are already heavily invested in Florida.
Naruhito and Trump = the foundation of
The First National Bank of
Free-Money *
This money will work so much better
than the hoardable globalists’ money ,
that the Florida economy and
the Japan economy
will easily outperform any others.
But only until the others join.
* As described by Silvio Gesell;
money with demurrage
NOT interest.

Trump money with demurrage, 
in collaboration with
Naruhito and Japan,
does NOT take the huge cut
from the workers’ wage
like the globalist hoardable money does.
These increased wages
lead to dramatically increase savings
which are NOT at risk of
Recession, Depression, Crisis
and this leads to increased
and much more secure
while in the meantime
providing good steady money circulation
for our body economic
and stable prices. (CPI)

Goods entering through the ports of Florida from Japan etc.
are about to get a huge dramatically improved
state of commerce.

Even BETTER than
the Morris Money *
which made it possible
for The US to win The Revolutionary War,
Trump Money with demurrage.
* see the article entitled
Posthumous Letter from Robert Morris

Sources: Agents of the underworld,
who are at this time
engaged in financial discussions
Angel NicGillicuddy

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