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President Donald Trump greets Army Captain Luis Avila during a welcome ceremony in honor of new Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Army General Mark Milley at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall (Virginia 2019).

Big Ship on The Horizon

National World plc,
David Montgomery Captain,
let’s just see what comes to be.
“I hear shouts,
‘All aboard!’
And Angel NicGillicuddy
rushes to The Wheelhouse
to check with Captain Trump.
“Tell me sir
is that ship here to save us?”

The Great Ship USA
is out at sea
and our great captain is sailing us
out of the doldrums,
out of the fog,
not distracted by the Sirens
nor the Pirates.

Captain Trump tells all the others in the room to leave for a few moments,
I want to talk with Angel NicGillicuddy
in private thank you.”
and they all leave,
some sad,
some suspicious,
some angry
but they all leave.
“Do you know why I did that Angel?
It is because this way
they will be more curious.
And besides
you’re the only one that understands anyway.

so that ship
National World pls,
it is our friend.
A substantial amount of cash has been used in their most recent acquisition.”

“Ah ha! says Angel,
Can I ask a question?”

Captain Trump has his hand up to his ear,
“I’m listening.”

David Montgomery’s ship,
National World pls,
it comes from Northern Ireland,
an important part of The Shipping Empire regarding the British.
I have looked through my telescope
and I believe I saw
on board National World.
When I met with Baron Samedi of Haiti
(see the article Haiti Angel Visits Baron)
I remember that he mentioned that company. He told me,
as he looked into the monstrance
which sat upon his altar,
‘Natcom will be the medium
to watch for.
It will channel
The Trump Message
The Message of The Demurrage Gang,
and The Message of
The Levant News 2020,
and not even The Pope
will be able to interfere.
A darkness will descend upon everything except
And you
will see a great ship upon the horizon
with which
The Great Capitan Trump
will converge.’
He told me this one year ago
December 2019.
And he also told me
that in the land where demurrage is declared on the US dollar
evil will be easily managed.”

Captain Trump responds,
we will see
The New Land;
The New Levant Region,
and you know what happens next right?”

“Oh yes
I do.
That is the land where only
The US dollar
with the demurrage
is accepted.
What a clever way of maximizing the cash and it’s flow; it’s circulation; it’s velocity
for all the important Deals.

to declaring demurrage
on the US dollar.
Should we invite Joe Biden and his team?”

Captain Trump responds again,
“They will be no problem in our
New Levant Region.
Why? …
Because when we use
money with demurrage;
The US dollar with demurrage,
no matter how the forces of evil try
they will only cause good to happen.

Tell National World
We are on our way.

And send a message to
Bono of U2.
Ask him why he moved his money to Holland?
And also
invite him to join us.”

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