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Big revelations in the Abraham Accords

God said to Moses,
“The land is Mine
thou shalt NOT sell it.”
Once again,
like in the time for Noah
we find ourselves at the point where
Land ‘ownership’
has led to big problems,
consequences which were strongly influenced, even encouraged,
by using the hoardable form of money,
which secrets
Moses and Jesus and Mohammed understood well.

Later on
Silvio Gesell,
like a thief in the night,
came and left.
But his message still stands;
The Natural Economic Order.

The Establishment’s Mainstream Media
will have nothing to do with it because
The Cash Mob Elite
have a gun to their head in the form of
“Say one word or make one move
and we will make it impossible for you
to make your operating loan payments.
You will quickly dissolve and disappear.

But now President Trump has declared war on this Media
The Cash Mob Elite.
He and his team know all about
The Natural Economic Order.
Their weapon? No secret al all;
declaring demurrage on The US dollar
Land ‘Use’ Titles
instead of
Land ‘Ownership’ Titles,
according to God’s Rule.

The first will assure
that unnatural or supernatural
Money power
is unable to be HELD
and used as a leverage device for manipulation
and stronger, more and more dangerous
The second will assure that Land,
Gods gift to all the children,
will not be able to be hoarded
like hoardable money
and used for a Usury leverage device.

Each day may present new
and changing circumstances,
but you can be assured
that our great ships or nations
shall be going in the right direction
as long as we are following
The Guiding Star of
The Natural Economic Order
by Silvio Gesell.

Adjustments to all the present mechanisms, even including
alternative currencies as they are
and our present state of land tenure,
will be natural.
No one will be forced to do anything.
Military DEFENSE
of the hard earned REAL wealth
of the WORKERS, in the widest sense,
must be in place
and this is being done now.

Armageddon won’t be so bad
as long as the ‘news’
doesn’t TRICK everyone
into thinking conflict and war
is inevitable.
It’s not.

Thank you to all those working so hard on The Abraham Accords.


Angel NicGillicuddy

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