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Benomar issues communique on Yemen situation

THE LEVANT –  The following is a copy of a communique issued by Jamal Benomar, UN Special Adviser to Yemen.

Statement from the Office of the Special Adviser on Yemen

The Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General on Yemen, Jamal_Benomar‬, is doing his utmost to help address the roots of the current unrest in the country. He has been closely coordinating with President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi to reach a sustainable solution through dialogue. He has also been holding extensive consultations with various political leaders and parties in order to reach consensus on a peaceful solution to the crisis in accordance with the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference.

Mr. Benomar urges all parties to exercise wisdom and to maintain a spirit of national partnership and constructive cooperation to overcome the current challenges and move the political process forward. He reiterates the need to abide by the Transition Agreement, the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and Security Council resolutions. He further reassures the support of UN and the international community to President Hadi, and others, in their efforts to advance the political transition and to maintain peace and stability in Yemen.

In the past few hours, Mr. Benomar met with President Hadi and political leaders including representatives of the Houthis, and the Islah, Nasserite and the Socialist parties.

Sana’a, 22 August 2014

(Communications Unit)

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