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Before ShiBboLeTh

By Angel NicGillicudy |

What is the connection
between Vikings, Celts, and Egypt
and Bagpipes?

The Story of Money ( a Children’s Story, for Adults too )

The money CASH
From the Viking Explorations
to The Levant Region
to The Egyptian   Magicians,
in response to their quest
to help The King
answer to
The Queen’s Naturally loving desire
One sparkling beautiful morning:
“How can we help The People
to work better

A deal was made    or struck
Between The Viking GODS
and The Egyptian Magicians
to make The Queen
in her request to the King.

And it worked well,
The Metal Money
of The Viking Visitors.
It could even be useful
as other than money; a Medium of Exchange.
It could be melted down
to use as jewelry and beautiful ornaments
for use in War
as Shields   and Swords.

Did The Vikings know
That this Metal Money
could also be
Removed and Withheld from Circulation
in Order to Manipulate and Leverage
and also
to bring down and even destroy
Entire Nations?

Did they tell their Secret
to these Egyptian Magicians
and make them Accomplices,
as The Money Changers

All would be very profitable
for These  Magicians
as long as The Secret
was Never Revealed.  And
as long as The Interest was paid
on The Initial Loan.
And thus
The Monster Beast
began to grow
and get bigger  and stronger
and stronger,
needing more  and more
in order to satisfy
it’s appetite
for   Interest.
The Norse GODS
would have their Revenge
and take back The Money Gift
Adding it
to their Already
Massive Hoards.

There was another gang of Magicians,
and These
Knew The Secrets
of Nature.
And They could See
That the Metal
Would run out.
They were aligned
with The Natural Realm.

These Three Persian Magi
brought new born baby Jesus **
An Interest Free Loan
And this Loan   was invested
in the building or creating
of Homes, Factories, and Ships.
Jesus worked hard.
knew The Secret
how to Dissolve
this Black Magic:

can be Drowned
in A Sea
of Capital.

** This Story Article  is Strictly about  Money
and NOT Religion.

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  1. Angel NicGillicuddy

    I love the connection seen in the picture
    To the movie industry and hoardable money.

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